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Photo credit: David Cabrera / CC by 4.0

Over the weekend of July 4, rapper Kodak Black delivered 100 air conditioners to residents of his hometown of Pompano Beach, Florida.

A Francky Pierre-Paul, who runs several charities and helps with community outreach efforts at Kodak Black, 24, detailed the act in a series of social media posts. According to Pierre-Paul’s posts, which include several photos and videos, artist “Feelin Peachy” Black delivered the collection of 100 air conditioners to residents of the Golden Acres subdivision, where he lived as a child.

The temperature at Pompano Beach (which is about 40 miles north of Miami) cracked 90 degrees over the holiday weekend. And due to that intense heat, Black lost his long-sleeved shirt after giving a brief speech, while he and his team loaded the air conditioners in recipient vehicles and even helped install the units.

“Now that I’m blessed enough to give back,” Black said in the mentioned speech, delivered from the edge of his box truck storage area, “that’s what I love to do.” The creator of Bill Israel also noted that he strives to help those facing financial difficulties, and a second clip shows Kodak Black (still dressed in long-sleeved clothes) personally bringing an air conditioner into a home.

Other photos and clips further highlight the additional deliveries the rapper helped with, and fans / recipients posed for multiple photos with Black, who deleted his personal social media accounts earlier this year. Nonetheless, the charity acted a sensation on Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere, and many people are weighing in on the effort.

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“Kodak has shown he is a good person, sometimes he does it in strange ways,” wrote one observer.

“It’s always the idea that counts, some people don’t have the luxury of having an air conditioner, what Kodak did was a blessing and these people were grateful,” a Twitter user relayed.

However, different people are voicing more critical opinions, with some comparing Kodak Black’s charities to those of NBA YoungBoy – or criticizing the timing of the First Air Conditioner giveaway, due to a video that recently surfaced. In said video, Black appears to be throwing a significant number of $ 100 bills on the side of a boat and into the Atlantic Ocean. (Many have noted the possibility that the money was fake, but it is not known if this was the case.)

“He saw people complaining about throwing money at him in the ocean and not giving it to his old hood and he listened to them,” one fan suggested.

“He really couldn’t stand the heat of social media towards him,” echoed another Twitter user.

“At least he would do that if he was going to throw 100 km,” said a third and final individual.

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