Kogler has so far flashed at the Ministry of Finance: Aid funds for clubs still pending

That brought criticism from the opposition to the Greens leader on Tuesday. Kogler previously articulated frustration with the collaboration with the Ministry of Finance. “According to Minister of Sports Kogler, yesterday the sports spokesmen for the opposition once again stated with disappointment and disappointment that the government is still far from any aid payments to the sport,” said a joint announcement by the sports spokesmen of the opposition parties SPÖ, FPÖ and NEOS on Tuesday. Again, no concrete answer was received in this committee regarding the design and implementation of the aid pact. The three parties called for the government to act as soon as possible “before it is too late”.

Kogler, who had announced the continuation of the Bundesliga season with his green party colleague Rudolf Anschober just a few hours earlier, also commented on the aid package for amateur and amateur sports, which would be negotiated “with high pressure”. “But you can’t say that this only affects sport. It was a matter of government concern that there should be equal treatment between art and cultural associations, socially committed associations and sports clubs,” said Kogler. He put the damage potential “by autumn, almost the end of the year” at 700 million euros. Kogler apparently targets this number as a support sum.

The opposition attested the Minister of Sports’ will to help the numerous sports clubs. Kogler, however, “apparently cannot prevail with the coalition partner (ÖVP, note)”, as SPÖ sports spokesman Maximilian Köllner explained.

Kogler did not deny this on Tuesday. One “is not always in agreement with the officials in the Ministry of Finance,” said the Green leader. “I would also like to address this quite openly, because it will really get annoying now,” said Kogler, referring to the “progress” in this matter. In the end, however, he emphasized confidence regarding an early agreement. “If we could do it that way, it could see itself again internationally.”

But time is pressing, as Hans Niessl, the President of Sport Austria (BSO), should emphasize in a joint press conference with the great officials Peter Schröcksnadel (ÖSV) and Leo Windtner (ÖFB) on Wednesday.

Petra Steger, the sports spokeswoman for the FPÖ, already confirmed on Tuesday: “There have still been no aid payments, there are not even any concrete figures and information on sports aids. If things continue at this pace, it will take months before the first aid flows . ” Steger said that thousands of clubs were in acute jeopardy as a first step, demanding “an immediate million-dollar package for sport”.


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