Entertainment Koh-Lanta: Denis Brogniart shocked by the unhealthy lie of...

Koh-Lanta: Denis Brogniart shocked by the unhealthy lie of a candidate

Denis Brogniart, essential presenter of Koh Lanta, has always defended the candidates of the program whether they are strategists or not, recalling that the adventure program is above all a game. But, the host was outraged by the lie of an edition player American who made it known on social networks.

Thursday, May 21, on Twitter, the 52-year-old man shared the post of a surfer who published an extract from Survivor: Pearl Islands, edition which dates from 2003 and in which a candidate, Jon Dalton (nicknamed Jonny Fairplay), manipulated his teammates and opponents. In the episode where the candidates clash during a test to spend a special moment with one of their loved ones, Jon’s best friend announced to him that his grandmother was dead. This confidence earned him the pity of the other players who decided to let him take advantage of his friend’s presence to better digest this announcement and learn more. Except that nothing was true. Before even leaving for Panama where the program was filmed, the candidate and his friend had decided to implement this strategy in order to be sure of spending time together. Jon’s grandmother was alive and well at the time.

I can’t understand this lie about the American #KohLanta #Survivor! Coax others on the real false death of a grandmother, I say NO“, commented Denis Brogniart after having discovered this extract, many years after its diffusion across the Atlantic.


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