Entertainment Koh-Lanta: how Bertrand-Kamal's cancer was detected by chance after...

Koh-Lanta: how Bertrand-Kamal’s cancer was detected by chance after filming

After the death last week of Bertand-Kamal following pancreatic cancer, Alexia Laroche-Joubert, producer of Koh-Lanta, returned to the circumstances of the candidate’s disappearance in “Don’t touch my post” Monday evening. She explained that the disease of the adventurer of the East team had been detected during the show.

“He was injured in the adventure, something quite benign. Following Koh-Lanta, he was still in pain and that is when he went to do exams. And they detected, I believe on April 17, cancer. Very aggressive, unfortunately. It was extremely violent, “she regretted.

“He was admirable”

Alexia Laroche-Joubert is still very marked by this disappearance because “Béka” had left only good memories. “What he experienced in terms of suffering … He was admirable. I had him on the phone regularly and he still managed to make hints of humor, while I know it was very violent.”

Despite the tragedy, TF1, ALP and Bertrand-Kamal’s family all agreed to continue broadcasting “Koh-Lanta: the 4 lands”. “Bertrand-Kamal told his dad that it was his best adventure and that he wanted to see it,” the program’s producer told Cyril Hanouna.


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