Kojima had a different vision for Metal Gear


By: Nicolas Vasquez | 25-09-21

Konami is a company that has great iconic video game franchises. Without a doubt, one of them is Metal Gear, a game created by the popular and acclaimed Hideo Kojima. The series’ legacy is irrefutable, but did you know that it could have ended earlier than we know it today?

Since Metal Gear was born, Kojima has always worked on the integrity of the series to such an extent that it is considered synonymous with the franchise. Because of this Konami has found it difficult to find a way to continue with it now that the creative is no longer part of the company.

The Kojima-Metal Gear relationship is very marked, but the direction that the series took and that we know today would have been different had it not been for Konami’s decisions. As mentioned in an interview with Rika Muranaka, a renowned songwriter on various Metal Gear games, Hideo had another vision for Metal Gear.

“Hideo didn’t want to make a series or franchise like Final Fantasy”, but rather “being an artist, I wanted to make a different game.” However, after the success of Metal Gear, specifically Metal Gear Solid, and seeing that players wanted a sequel, Konami persuaded him to continue working on the continuity of the series: “So he kept fighting with Konami, because Konami was like ‘it’s a hit’. That’s what business people say, “said Muranaka, in an interview for the media. Game Developer.

Despite having a different vision for the title, Kojima kept working and in a good way leaving a great franchise behind and with a Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, which has been considered by many one of the greatest games of all time. .

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