"Kokuka Courageous": shipping company Bernhard Schulte operates attacked oil tankers

economy "Kokuka Courageous"

This German shipping company takes care of the attacked oil tanker

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Birger Nicolai

US military releases video on suspected tanker attacks

The US Navy has posted a video about the alleged tanker attacks. The images are to show Iranian Revolutionary Guards on one of the affected ships.

The Hamburg shipping company Schulte operates the attacked oil tanker "Kokuka Courageous" for Japanese. The 170 meter long ship is now being repaired in the port city of Khor Fakkan. This is how the business of the German company works.

IAccording to the company's own description, the shipping company Bernhard Schulte points out that for 15 years now, there has been no oil pollution caused by their ships. Safety and environmental protection are important issues for shipping companies such as Schulte, which drive thousands of merchant ships worldwide for themselves or other businesses. A misfortune or accident is the worst conceivable advertising.

In the dramatic attack on the oil tanker "Kokuka Courageous" in the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday it should not have come to a major environmental pollution. "There was no loss of cargo and fuel tanks," it says in a statement. This refers to the loaded methanol of the chemical tanker and its own stock of heavy oil to the ship propulsion. Which, of course, is far more important: nobody was seriously injured by the ship's crew. On board were 21 people.

Two shells or grenades had hit the ship on the strait between Iran and the United Arab Emirates and Oman. The freighter was on its way from al-Jubail in eastern Saudi Arabia to Singapore. Who triggered the attack is unclear. The US accuses Iran, which in turn rejects all allegations.

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Now comes the 170 meter long ship to the port city of Khor Fakkan in the United Arab Emirates. The city is located on the Gulf of Oman and has a deep sea port. There the damages are examined. After all, a fire had broken out in the engine room due to the attack. The "Kokuka Courageous" is a medium-sized tanker with a maximum speed of just under 15 knots (27 kilometers per hour).

The tanker belongs to the Japanese shipping company Kokuka Sangyo. The ship is flying the flag of Panama because it is registered in the Latin American country. The 21 crew members on board are all Filipino sailors. And yet there is a relation to the shipping nation Germany: For the Hamburg shipping company Bernhard Schulte takes over the ship management of the "Kokuka Courageous".

Source: Infographic WORLD

Bernhard Schulte is a traditional company in the industry. It was founded in 1883 in Papenburg and today has its headquarters in Hamburg. Schulte operates around 600 ships in management. Among them are 95 merchant ships, which belong to the company itself completely or in part.

This is typical of such shipping companies from northern Germany: They have their own fleet of ships and take over at the same time for foreign shipping companies the so-called ship management with all the necessary for seafaring tasks. This starts with the selection of the ship's crew, continues with the navigation and stops at the technical maintenance.

For the shipping company Schulte are more than 18,000 sailors on the oceans underway, another about 2,000 employees on land are added. Schulte trains the ship's crews in six maritime training centers worldwide and at 24 locations for the ship crews. There are also nine ship management centers. The group of companies emerged in 2008 from the four companies Hanseatic Shipping, Dorchester Atlantic Marine, Eurasia Group and Vorsetzen Bereederungs- und Schiffahrtskontor.

Source: Infographic WORLD

Speaking of "Kokuka Courageous" from a German ship is not true. The owner of the vessel is Coral Island Maritime, based in Panama. The share of German ship owners in the global tanker fleet is already relatively low at just under two percent anyway.

Germany is far more heavily represented in container ships: almost 17 percent of the container ship fleet is owned by German companies and investors. No other country has a higher share. All in all, Germany has a world market share of 6 percent with 2324 merchant ships. That's the fifth worldwide.

The danger that merchant ships are involved in attacks is rather low in numbers. Since 1980, 269 cargo ships have been attacked, seven ships were destroyed. The Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty from Munich found out. With 184 cases, most of the events involved the 1980s and the conflict between Iran and Iraq.

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