Kolbermoor: This is how the Am Moorgarten urban housing estate was spruced up

Freshly painted outer facade and balconies: The house with number 13 (left) was the model house – the workers used this as a guide. The other houses with the numbers 14.15, 16 and 12 were then partially renovated. Weinzierl / City of Kolbermoor

© weinzierl / City of Kolbermoor

That was a precision landing: the partial renovation of the Am Moorgarten urban residential complex is complete. Now there is only remaining work to be done. You can read here what they are and how many tenants have lived in the complex for 50 years.

By Ines Weinzierl

Kolbermoor– The partial renovation of the urban residential complex Am Moorgarten 12 to 16 in Kolbermoor lasted. “It should actually be ready in autumn,” says Jörg Reinheckel, who is responsible for the city.

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But in the Corona year 2020 everything was different: The measure should be started from March. Nothing came of this because the window supplier was unable to deliver due to the corona. The start of the renovation was therefore delayed by around eight weeks. “We took the eight-week mortgage with us to the end,” says Reinheckel. Nevertheless, he is happy that the partial renovation can still be completed in 2020.

Entrance landings are tiled

And at the beginning of the new year, there was only remaining work to be done: a stairwell in house number 15 still needs to be whitewashed, in house number 14 work is just starting. The stairwell in house number 13 is already finished – this work was done by the employees of the building yard. The fine-tuning of the satellite system and the entrance platforms will still be tiled – but that won’t happen until 2021, says Reinheckel.

Color concept continued

If you enter the finished painted staircase, you will notice that the entrance doors to the apartments are the same red-brown color as the border on the wall of the staircase. This color can also be seen in part on the outer facade of all three houses. “We wanted to continue the color concept from the outside in,” explains Reinheckel.

Electrics up to date

On the outside you can see that shutters have also been added – in the children’s and bedrooms. There are now also exhaust systems in the bathrooms. In addition, there are new windows – they are provided with ventilation elements. Depending on the level of humidity, these narrow elements open and close. On top of that, the window frames were insulated. There are now also new doors – to every apartment and house. The three houses were also equipped with new mailboxes and a new bell system.

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The electrics were also renewed – they are already up to date in four apartments, explains Reinheckel. Why only in four?

One did not want to overuse the tenants – the partial renovation took place while the residents were in their apartments. If, for example, a tenant moves out, the electrics in his apartment will be replaced. There is also a satellite connection.

The costs of the partial renovation of the residential complex have also been met: 880,000 euros. Reinheckel: “That was a precision landing.”

Four people from Kolbermoor have lived in these apartments for 50 years

There are 30 apartments in the urban complex Am Moorgarten 12 to 16. Two, three and four-room apartments with a size between 52 and 80 square meters are available. The rent for the social housing is between 5.10 and 6.90 euros per square meter, explains Claudia Kristian from the city’s property office. Shortly before Christmas, she was able to hand over the keys to the new tenants in one apartment that was still vacant. “They are happy,” she says. On top of that, Kristian tells us that there are four tenants in the residential complex who have lived there for 50 years. The city of Kolbermoor has 328 municipal apartments. 17 are still being built, they are being built in the residential and commercial building next to the town hall. The demand for affordable living space is great: “In September we had 400 inquiries, now there are 450.”

Whitewashed and new floor laid: The three-room apartment in house number 13 has been refurbished.

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In house number 13, the stairwell is already finished – including the border.

© DC-X

Here is the old condition: in the stairwell in house number 15.

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The stairwell in house number 14 is now being prepared.

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