Kölner Haie: Winter Game Rage! Captain Moritz Müller attacks ZDF


Cologne –

Unfortunately, the ice hockey scene is used to it, but now the ZDF has put it all. In Germany, public ice hockey is completely ignored by the public broadcasters.

Even the Winter Game in Cologne was not mentioned by Aktuelle Sportstudio of ZDF on Saturday evening. And this just a year after the sensational silver coup of the German national team at the Winter Olympic Games.

The WDR (television) based in Cologne was not even accredited with journalists, also completely ignored the game (except for broadcasts). At the request of the ice hockey scene, because the ARD did not report on Sunday in the sports show, the transmitter said the game is back 24 hours. Saturday's Bundesliga matches are regularly discussed in the sports show …

Complete stadium in Cologne

It was Saturday in Cologne 47.011 spectators in the breathtaking derby between Cologne and Dusseldorf.

Haie captain Moritz Müller (32) is horrified, posting on Instagram: "What an evening! 47,000 people watch such a big event and ZDF Sport does not talk about it in the current" football studio ", oh, I'm sorry, "gym." Too bad! "

Football at ZDF in the gym! This annoys the men of ice hockey.

The sports director of the ZDF Thomas Fuhrmann commented on our request as follows: "In the" current sportstudio "on January 12, 2019, publishers have prepared a television report on the Wintergame, due to time constraints, this contribution has been abandoned shortly term due to technical difficulties, the discussion with Andreas Wolff lasted longer.This is unfortunate, but sometimes inevitable in the daily life of TV.Incidentally, the percentage of Saturday's football coverage was six minutes out of a total 60 minutes. "

The sled runs on ARD and ZDF unlike ice hockey up and down

It's true, it's not all football on ARD and ZDF, but not ice hockey. On weekends in winter they show the complete winter offer. Ski jumping, cross-country skiing, sledding, bobsleigh, biathlon.

There are some sports practiced in Germany by less than 1000 athletes, and on the toboggan runs there are a few hundred spectators.

If the ZDF then a sporting event, in which 47,000 fans are not showing, it's a shame.

This is how sports director WDR Steffen Simon reacts to Kölner Haie

Ice hockey disappears again in the sinking with the legal public.

Steffen Simon, WDR Sports Director, responded to our request as follows:

The WDR has accredited three journalists, and we have widely spoken on WDR radio and on sportschau.de. We did not have a sports program on the first or on WDR television on this day of the program. In the first there was only one sports show on Sunday: the sports show at 6.00 pm. Here we have decided for other daily reports.



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