Koloskov on the change of Spartak coaches: there is no clear policy of staff in the club


S. PETERSBURG, 9 November – RIA Novosti, Taras Barabash. The frequent change of coaches in Moscow "Spartak" is associated with the lack of a clear staff policy in the football team, says the honorary president of the RFU, Vyacheslav Koloskov.

In Spartak, after the departure of the long-time head coach Oleg Romantsev from the team in 2003, the specialists of this post have changed 13 times. At the end of October of this year, the team left the Italian Massimo Carrera. A new coach is not currently assigned.

"In reputable clubs, they work in advance who, where and when they will lead the team, if they do not speak publicly of this, then in their mind, the leaders know in advance who will come in case of something, under the merits of the club, under the composition , not just to bring out one or the other coach, based on his name. It is no coincidence that "Spartak" has changed 13 coaches for 15 years, there is no clear personal policy. # 39; is a club ", – said Koloskov RIA Ma AWN on the phone.

Currently, Spartak's main coach is Spanish specialist Raul Riancho.

"A coach is a piece of merchandise, one can not be extracted from one turnip and another must be planted.It is clear that in Spartak they were not ready to change a coach.The dismissal of Carrera is a spontaneous decision that has captured both Carrera that his assistant, the team as a whole, and the dismissal caused loss to the fans, "the source said.


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