Korea wins after overthrowing China


South Korea managed to become a champion Uber Cup 2022. An Seyoung et al overthrew the defending champion China in the final match 3-2.

At the Impact Arena, Saturday (14/5), China started with a victory over Korea in the opening party. Chen Yu Fei managed to get up and overcome An Seyoung in a rubber game for more than 1 hour.

Chen Yu Fei had to lose in the first game 17-21. The world number three single was then able to force the match into the third game after winning 21-15 in the second game.

The game of determination is dramatic. Chen Yu Fei was behind 19-16 before making an extraordinary comeback to win 21-20

The second party of Korea Vs China went no less fiercely; back via rubber game more than 1 hour. There was Lee Sohee/Shin Seungchan who brought Korea to a 1-1 level after winning over Chen Qing Chen/Jia Yi Fan.

Lee Sohee/Shin Seungchan lost in the first game 12-21. They then performed excellently in the next two games to win by a similar score of 21-18.

In the third final Uber Cup 2022He Bing Jiao, who became China’s second single, managed to frustrate Kim Gaeun’s resistance with two straight games in a party that lasted 43 minutes.

He Bing Jiao won convincingly 21-12, 21-13. China won again with a score of 2-1.

Kim Hye Jeong/Kong Heeyong vs Huang Dong Ping/Li Wen Mei in the fourth match. Kim Hye Jeong/Kong Heeyong maintain Korean hope after being able to win with straight gim.

Kim/Kong could overcome Huang/Li’s resistance 22-20, 21-17 in 59 minutes. A 2-2 draw – until the winner of the 2022 Uber Cup title had to be decided in the fifth match.

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Sim Yujin faced Wang Zhi Yi in the decider. The match was so tight in the first game with Sim winning 28-26.

Wang got up in the second game to force the rubber game after 21-18. Sim could lock the 2022 Uber Cup title for Korea by winning 21-8 in the third game.

South Korea overthrew the defending champion 3-2. This is the second Uber Cup title for South Korea after 2010.

Final Results Uber Cup 2022: Korea Vs China, 3-2

  • An Seyoung (Korea) vs Chen Yu Fei (China), 1 hour 31 minutes
    21-17 15-21 20-22
  • Lee Sohee / Shin Seungchan (Korea) vs Chen Qing Chen/Jia Yi Fan (China), 1 jam 18 menit
    12-21 21-18 21-18
  • Kim Gaeun (Korea) vs He Bing Jiao (China), 43 minutes
    12-21 13-21
  • Kim Hye Jeong/Kong Heeyong (Korea) vs Huang Dong Ping/Li Wen Mei (China) 59 minutes
    22-20 21-17
  • Sim Yujin (Korea) vs Wang Zhi Yi China (China) 88 menit
    28-26, 18-21, 21-8


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