Korina Rivadeneira patches Magaly Medina on Queens of the Show after Allison Pastor’s resignation: “Nobody is giving me anything”, magaly medina the firm, video

Fire! The Venezuelan model Korina Rivadeneira is in the fore after Magaly medina will ensure that she will still be the era she will win this season of Queens of the Show after Allison Pastor’s resignation live last Saturday.

Mario Hart’s wife came as a special guest to the latest edition of America Today, and without problems, he referred to the driver’s comments without mentioning his name directly.

Faced with the accusations, Korina Rivadeneira parchó a Magaly medina, and assured that she has been trying hard, so if she wins Queens of the Show, It is by his own effort, denying his words.

“There is a streak of comments, which say that there is favoritism, that they are going to give me the crown. It annoys me a lot because I think I deserve to be in the final. I have done good shows, I do not know if they have seen Shrek nobody is giving me nothing, “he sentenced.

Korina Rivadeneira was quite affected by the words of Magaly medina, and he did not hesitate to remember that he has great competitors for the first place, as they are Milena Zárate, who rehearses almost 20 hours a day, as well as Jazmín Pinedo, Leslie Moscoso, and Carla Rueda.

Conductors de América Hoy support Korina Rivadeneira

When listening to the discharges of Korina Rivadeneira, the conductors of America Today They went ahead to give him their support. “She works hard all day, people forget she’s mommy,” Ethel Pozo said.

She was joined by Melissa Paredes, who also recalled that she has great rivals for the victory in Queens of the Show. “That and makes a nice show. (…) You don’t have it easy at all, because there is a Milena Zárate, a Leslie Moscoso,” he concluded.

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Magalay Medina asks the best to win

The journalist from Magaly La Firme, I send a message to Gisela Válcarcel . He asked that in the Grand Final of Reinas del Show this Saturday avoid favoritism by a contestant.

“A singing contest is for the best one to win, not the one that the host of the show likes … the others are there to do the show (.. Those who really have talent for dancing are Allison and Korina. Gise, let the best win ”

Magaly Medina tells Gisela The teacher of hypocrisy

After what happened with Allison Pastor and the avalanche of criticism towards Gisela Valcárcel, Magaly Medina He spoke and pointed out that his ‘comadre’ is not a “saint” as he wants to make everyone understand by be quite religious.

“I have told you all these years that she has a mask, she sells herself as very Christian and I am like the heretic, but really one does not live on cheap talk, our actions show who we are, and Gisela has shown us that for the show it is the teacher of hypocrisy, ”he said.

Why did Allison Pastor quit Show Queens?

The member of Queens of the Show He was dissatisfied with Gisela Valcárcel and the program, so he said goodbye to the program and wished thatue the best one could win.

After a confrontation of words with Gisela Valcárcel for mentioning that her choreographer did not listen to her when she gave him some instructions for her dance, Allison Pastor could no longer bear the discomfort and left the set very upset.

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