Kourtney Kardashian is fully nude in the boldest photo session

Social media pioneers shared a picture of the reality TV starKourtney KardashianShe shocked her followers, as she appeared completely naked from her latest photo session. Comments on the photo poured out, with one of the followers saying that it was the “daringest photo session” that Kourtney had done.
On the occasion of her boyfriend Travis Parker’s birthday, Kardashian gave him a special model car dating back to the eighties. Travis Parker, who celebrates his 46th birthday, shared photos of them inside the car on social media, commenting: “When the dream girl buys you the dream car.”
Courtney revealed through social media, that the celebration of Travis’ birthday was not limited to the luxury car, but the duo took a festive trip to the city of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.
Travis and Kourtney announced their engagement last October.

Kourtney Kardashian fully nude in the pool

Nudity accompanies Kourtney Kardashian in many daily looks, especially on social media, where a completely nude picture of her in the pool spread.
Kourtney appeared sitting on the edge of the private pool in her home, covering her chest with her hands. The aim of this photo was to give advice on how to take care of the skin and its softness with age, after reaching 42 years.

Kourtney Kardashian wins a million baby dolls!

Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian published a set of pictures of her on her personal page on social networking sites, in which she appeared in a short satin babydoll and a transparent fabric on the chest area, and Kourtney drew attention with her short hair and strong makeup. The photo gained the admiration of more than a million and a half followers.

Kourtney and her fiancé push the boundaries of audacity

Kourtney is not alone but also with her new fiancé, musician Travis Parker, who previously shared a picture of the two kissing on the street in a bold pose as she sat on his lap and kissed him provocatively and flirted with their tongues at each other.
Surprisingly, Courtney republished the photo on her personal page on the social networking site and liked this photo that was taken of them without their knowledge.
This is not the first time that Kourtney and Travis have been criticized for their posts and sexual movements, especially since they are parents and they should be careful about their public actions and what they publish on their pages.


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