KPK indicates Sofyan of PLN to facilitate corruption – Tue, 25 June 2019


Standing high: On Monday, the former president of the state power company PLN, Sofyan Basir, will attend the hearing at the Jakarta Corruption Tribunal. Sofyan was indicted for corruption charges related to the construction of a power plant in Riau. (JP / Dhoni Setiawan) The Commission for the eradication of corruption (KPK) has indicted Sofyan Basir, the suspended president of the state electricity company PLN, for allegedly facilitating corruption in the event of a graft relating to the construction of a power plant in Riau. The prosecution claims a slightly different charge since the antigame named Sofyan was a suspect of corruption in April – a difference that was immediately criticized by the lawyer for the defendant. During a hearing in Jakarta The corruption court on Monday, prosecutors accused Sofyan of facilitating meetings between Golkar Idrus Marham and Eni Maulani Saragih party politicians …


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