KPK Names Brother of Former North Lampung Regent Akbar Tandaniria Suspect for Gratification

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) announced the younger brother of former North Lampung Regent Agung Sains Mangkunegara, Akbar Tandaniria, as a suspect in the alleged corruption case in 2015-2019 gratification acceptance in Lampura, Friday (15/10).

In a live broadcast via the KPK YouTube channel, the news of the suspect’s determination and detention was announced by the Deputy for Enforcement of the KPK, Karyoto.

He said, ATMN (Akbar Tandaniria Mangkunegara) who is an ASN as a suspect in the alleged acceptance of gratuities at Lampura 2015-2019.

“Based on the development of the Agung Ilmu Mangkunegara case in Lampura district 2014-2019, the investigation continued, the KPK found sufficient evidence and advanced to the investigation stage in April 2021,” he said.

He continued, this case is a development of the previous case which has named two suspects, Agung Ilmu Mengkunegara and Syahbudin and has been decided by the corruption court.

In the construction of the case, the ATMN suspect as a representative of Agung Sains Mangkunegara played an active role in determining entrepreneurs in project allocation at the Lampura PUPR Service.

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