KPK to Confiscate Supreme Court Secretary’s Assets Sourced from Corruption

JAKARTA, – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) said it would confiscate the assets of Supreme Court Secretary (MA) Hasbi Hasan and a businessman named Dadan Tri Yudianto who are suspected of originating from corruption.

It is known that Hasbi and Dadan have been named new suspects in the alleged bribery case at the Supreme Court.

The Acting Deputy for Enforcement and Execution of the KPK, Asep Guntur Rahayu, said that his party would confiscate assets proven to originate from corruption.

“Items or whatever is property related to evidence of criminal acts of corruption, we will confiscate it,” said Asep when met by media crew at the KPK Juang Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/5/2023).

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According to Asep, the KPK has the authority to make coercive measures either in the form of confiscation or search after a case has progressed to the investigation stage.

“Indeed, it is at this stage of the investigation that the authority has been given to carry out coercive measures,” said Asep.

Furthermore, Asep said, the KPK would summon a number of parties deemed to know about this case.

One of them is singer Windy Yunita Ghemary or Windy Idol who is said to have a close relationship with Hasbi Hasan.

It is known that Windy was on the KPK prevention list with Dadan on January 12, 2023.

“We will call and we will ask for information. So there is no example because who or whatever he is is being ignored,” said Asep emphasized.

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The KPK previously announced two new suspects in the bribery case at the Supreme Court. They are structural officials in the Supreme Court and the private sector.

Two sources confirmed that the two suspects were Hasbi Hasan and a businessman who is also a former Commissioner of PT Wijaya Karya (Wika) Beton Dadan Tri Yudianto. Thus, currently the number of suspects in handling bribery cases at the Supreme Court is 17 people.

Previously, the names Hasbi Hasan and Dadan Tri Yudianto appeared several times in trials of cases of alleged buying and selling cases at the Supreme Court.

One of the defendants in the bribery of the Supreme Court judges, Theodorus Yosep Parera, revealed that the lobbying route for handling cases at the Supreme Court was not only carried out through the underground.

It was stated at the hearing that, through PT Wika Beton Commissioner Dadan Tri Yudianto, Yosep’s client, Heryanto Tanaka, was lobbying with the Supreme Court.

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Dadan is said to be bridging Tanaka with the MA Secretary.

“The lobby is through Dadan. That came directly from my client, Dadan and Pak Hasbi,” said Yosep in court, Wednesday (22/2/2023).

Not only that, Yosep also said that Dadan came to his office and made a video call with Hasbi.

Meanwhile, in the indictment it was stated that Tanaka transferred Rp. 11.2 billion to Dadan in connection with the handling of the Intidana Savings and Loans Cooperative (KSP) criminal case.

The transaction was carried out in connection with the criminal case of the Head of KSP Intidana Management, Budiman Gandi Suparman.

The Supreme Court stated that Budiman was proven guilty in the case of forgery of deed. He was then sentenced to 5 years in prison.

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Notes: the editors have made adjustments to the title related to Dadan Tri Yudianto because based on the latest information he is no longer a commissioner of PT Wika Beton.

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