KPU Names 24 New PKB Political Parties that Passed Administrative Verification


General Election Commissions (KPU) mentioned that only one of the 24 political parties (political parties) that met the administrative verification requirements document, namely the National Awakening Party (PKB).PKB). The PKB is said to have exceeded the minimum requirements for administrative verification.

“Yes, that’s right, PKB only. So coincidentally, the requirements that exceed the minimum requirements for other documents regulated in Article 8 of PKPU 4 of 2022 have met the requirements,” said KPU Technical Division Head, Idham Holik, when contacted, Thursday (15/9). /2022).

Idham said that the minimum requirements for administrative verification are stated in the Election Law, Article 173 paragraph 2. According to him, the PKB has exceeded these requirements.



“Incidentally, the management is well written, the office address is written with a stamp, the membership,” said Idham.

“For example, in one district/city the minimum requirement is 1,000 members, coincidentally they hand over 1,500 it turns out that based on the results of administrative verification there are 1,100 MS (qualified) that meet the requirements even though 400 are BMS (Not Qualified) or TMS (Not Qualified) That’s right,” he continued.

The results of the KPU administration’s verification stated that 95 percent of political parties have not met the required documents. Therefore, the KPU invited them to correct their registration documents.

“Based on the results of the administrative verification carried out by the KPU from August 16 to October 11, 2022, there are 95.83% of political parties that the KPU invites to revise their registration documents,” said Chairman of the Technical Division of the KPU RI Idham Holik when contacted, Wednesday (14/14/2020). 9).

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This is done so that political parties can comply with the provisions of Article 173 paragraph 2 and Article 177 of Law no. 7 of 2017 in conjunction with articles 7 and 8 of PKPU No. 4 of 2022.

“For political parties whose administrative verification results do not meet the requirements (BMS), starting tomorrow (15 September 2022) to 28 September 2022, the KPU invites political parties to submit revisions to the documents required for political parties,” said Idham.

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