Kretschmann irritated with statements about the “chancellor capable” Özdemir

Winfried Kretschmann

The politician wants to compete in the state election in 2021 again.

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Stuttgart, Berlin Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann considers incumbent Greens leader Habeck and Baerbock to be the former party leader Özdemir for the chancellor. “What should be worse on Robert Habeck, Annalena Baerbock and Cem Özdemir than on the candidates who are otherwise traded?”, Said Kretschmann (Greens) the editorial network Germany.

Özdemir is a very talented politician with a remarkable biography. “From the child of a migrant worker's family to the Green Leader, that's a remarkable way and a great encouragement to many people.” In addition, Özdemir is a great speaker and knowledgeable.

The party leadership in Berlin reacted irritated. “It astonishes me that Winfried Kretschmann now again opens a personnel debate,” said the Political Chief Executive Michael Kellner the German Press Agency. It goes on to say that the questions would be clarified if they were to happen, as a federal party.

The Greens have just re-elected with record numbers, “bear strong” chairman and took care of content. At the moment, there are no ministries in the federal government that could occupy the Greens – “if anything, Winfried might have something for him in Baden-Württemberg,” said Kellner.

Kretschmann had detested the party leadership only at the beginning of November because he had called Habeck a suitable chancellor candidate and initially did not mention Baerbock. The Greens try not to lead the debate on the Chancellor question.

Özdemir comes from Bad Urach in Baden-Württemberg. He ran in September for the chairmanship of the Greens parliamentary group, but did not prevail. Time and again it had been speculated that Özdemir Kretschmann could succeed as Prime Minister in Baden-Württemberg. Kretschmann wants to compete for the state election in 2021 again. He warned, “We have to be careful that such talents do not hang between tree and bark and eventually do something else.”

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