Kristina Orbakaitė’s son organizes a mysterious party in Moscow: ticket prices are not for everyone

It seems that neither their grandmother Alla Pugačiova nor their mother K. Orbakaitė followed in their footsteps and became interested in music: after studying in London, a young man decided to dive into business and organize events,

The party, described by the organizer as “the most enigmatic and mysterious autumn event”, will take place in Moscow’s Osobniak Lemana area near the Patriarch’s ponds, where representatives of Moscow’s elite can often be met. The dress code of the event is “black tie”.

The program of the party is really promising: guests will be invited to a “feast with an engaging performance, secret rooms and experience mystical sensations”.

In short, it sounds perhaps interesting, but it’s absolutely unclear what to expect.

A standard ticket to the event costs 15 thousand. rubles (182 euros), and the VIP ticket – twice as much.

It is announced that the organizer himself will take part in the party – he is currently actively preparing for it and looking for suitable clothing.

“I am sure that all the guests will exceed our expectations,” says A. Pugacheva’s grandson.

It is not yet clear what expectations the entrepreneur is talking about. It seems that the success of the event will be determined by the guests. Just keeping in mind that tickets for events of a similar nature cost even several times cheaper, in this case guests should make demands on the organizer.

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