Kroos: Some considered me a “Nazi” because of Mesut Ozil!

Real Madrid star Toni Kroos talks about his position on Ozil’s international retirement

Real Madrid and Germany field average Toni Kroos said that some considered him a Nazi because of his stance on Mesut Ozil’s announcement of his international retirement, in a way that included an attack on German football officials.

Two and a half years after this incident, the Real Madrid player recalls the criticisms he received after his reservations about the way Ozil left the German national team, which came during a conference against cyberbullying.

Toni Kroos returned to the statements that cost him the criticism of a part of the football fans when assessing Ozil’s retirement from international play after what happened to the German team from the unfortunate exit from the 2018 World Cup.

Cross said: “I said I did not like the way Mesut Ozil announced his retirement from playing internationally after the end of the World Cup in Russia, and after that I was a direct Nazi to many people and fans.”

He added, “Blue eyes, blond hair, everything for me was appropriate to make such a judgment, and it was enough to make a lot of people attack me after my statements.”

Kroos admitted that in statements collected by “Sport 1”, which wanted to highlight the polarization and disdain that known faces suffer through networks and online platforms. “

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It is noteworthy that Mesut Ozil accused those in charge of German football of racism against him being a Muslim and of Turkish origins, and this was the way he announced the end of his career with the German national team.


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