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Krylia Sovetov goalkeeper Yevgeny Frolov fined for an interview about Putin? Sorted out

On the eve of an ex-soccer player and blogger Evgeny Savin wrote that his former club “Wings of the Soviets” fined the goalkeeper Evgenia Frolova for criticizing the authorities and Vladimir Putin 1.4 million rubles.

If you are not aware of the story, then we decompose it into one, two or three.

1. A Samara player gives an interview on the Football Bigi channel, where he says that: a) “the authorities do not care about the people, and they need us as slaves, as labor force”; b) “the president’s speech on TV is idle talk. Everything they say is evil. ”

2. “Wings of the Soviets” immediately express their gratitude to the authorities for the development of sports in the region and for the construction of an ultramodern stadium, and also declare that the club’s position does not coincide with Frolov’s personal opinion, which will be sanctioned for an interview given without the approval of the press service.

“Let him find a free country and go there.” Frolov’s goalkeeper is attacked due to criticism of Putin

The goalkeeper’s words “Wings” about power have been discussed for two days. He criticized the president of Russia and officials.

3. Evgeny Savin says that the goalkeeper was fined: “You (the“ Wings ”management) Frolov were punished by 1.4 million rubles for the truth (a disgrace that you were forced on the Kremlin). After we received the slap of the apparatus, ”the blogger writes, however his words require additional interpretation and verification.


Frolov himself denied the information about the fine in an interview with the telegram channel Insider from Karp. Deny sanctions and “Wings of the Soviets”, issuing a new official statement. Of course, there remains a chance that the participants in the events are hiding the truth, but they do not know anything about the punishment on the football sidelines.


In the past couple of months, Savin has made more and more sharp statements, some of which are not confirmed.

First, a transcript of an interview with Kokorin was sent to the media from the Krasava channel, in which it was mentioned that Alexander did not want to return to Zenit. Then Savin blamed the editors of his channel and, for some reason, sports journalists. Following Savin linked the removal of one of his videos on YouTube with political censorship: “Apparently, once again they show me that it’s better not to go to the St. Petersburg influential party. The ass of “Milli” (presumably the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller) and Meda (presumably the president of Zenith Alexander Medvedev) after the TRUTH from Sani (Kokorin) about their lawlessness burned out. ” However, on the same day, YouТube removed videos from almost all popular Russian bloggers due to the development of algorithms for advertising integrations. After a few hours, all the videos were returned to their channels.

Savin did not give additional comments and explanations. He did not react at all to the refutation from Frolov.

“Wings of Soviets”

However, the words about Frolov in Savin’s post were by no means key. The blogger noted a number of other important topics about the situation in Wings of the Soviets. In particular, about the waste of budget funds by club leaders and the influence of a certain group of agents on the signing of players.

Next are the facts.

The club’s budget from Samara is almost 2 billion rubles a year. Financing is budgetary. Despite serious investments for the region, the team is on the penultimate place in the RPL. Most of the signed players are clients of agent Pavel Andreev.

Attendance of the team at the “ultra-modern stadium of the World Cup”, designed for 45 thousand spectators, is falling. In recent matches, it ranged from 5 to 8 thousand people. These numbers are close to club anti-record. It was about these problems, and not about the situation with Frolov, that Savin wrote in his post.


Yevgeny Frolov became known in Dynamo when, being the fourth goalkeeper of the club, he published photos in the purchased Ferrari. For a very budgetary blue and white, a young player who received a contract for several hundred thousand dollars a year did not really play. After the end of the four-year agreement, Frolov played for clubs from Nakhodka to Kaliningrad and only five years later returned to the RPL.

During this time, Frolov refused alcohol, nicotine, mat and meat. Carried away by esoterics, practicing yoga. He sold his Ferrari after reading the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Over the past year and a half, he also managed to give several freethinking interviews with catchy fabrications.

About Sakhalin:
– The budget is simply unrealistic: there is the entire periodic table. It is striking that nothing has been done for people. Devastation, no roads, there are wooden sheds, old Khrushchev. Only one block where the rich live. The potential is huge, and the people live in inhuman conditions. Like pigs or sheep.

About religion:
– Patriarch Kirill said that before baptism we did not have people, but only some barbarians. Modern archeology proves the opposite. The people who originally inhabited Russia possessed technology and knowledge. And the same Christians came, crushed everything for themselves, redid. And history is carefully hidden to keep us in slavery … How can one relate to them (the church and Patriarch Kirill), damn it? See how they live and how people live. The church does not even pay taxes. Jesus was just against such comrades, as in our present church, and he preached. He ravaged all the shops, all the counters in the temple and said: “Guys, what did you do? This is my Father’s house, and you have a market here. ”

Despite the fact that Orenburg is funded by Gazprom, the press service coordinated these interviews for the media. Frolov’s words fit into the corporate ethics of the club.

Why football players can not criticize Putin

However, in the story with Wings, the player seems to have actually made some mistakes.

Firstly, Frolov gave an interview to a blogger live and without the consent of the club – this is a violation of contractual obligations.

Secondly, he touched upon persons who, in fact, are the main investors of the “Wings” existing for budget money. If it is simpler, then in the person of Putin Frolov criticized those who today allot him about one and a half million rubles a month, not counting bonuses and elevating ones.

Thirdly, Frolov did not take into account the situation in which a football player in Russia cannot freely and targetedly abuse the government. And not only in state clubs. Realities appear even in clubs that we used to consider private. Not so long ago, the “Championship” made an interview with a player who talked about the fact that Russia was moving away from freedom and progress. As a result, the material turned out to be inaccessible to the general public, because the club representatives were afraid of calls from the president’s office and possible damage to the owner’s business.

If you draw parallels, then the situation in Russian football is similar to the case of Regina Todorenko. Recall the controversial allegations that women may themselves be to blame for domestic violence, deprived the presenter and representative of women’s brands, several contracts at once – that is, exactly the same salary. The only difference is that the advertiser and customer in the Russian football system is not a business, not a fan, but a state that secretly controls the statements of each of the participants in the process. Including Frolov, who voluntarily exchanges freedom of expression in the press for money from the budget.

Is this system sick? Yes. But Frolov and we still have a choice. The journalist has to work in private companies and create his own YouTube channel.

Todorenko, on the contrary, instantly took back the corporate request and even made a film about domestic violence, adapting to the corporate request. Contracts will return to her soon.

Frolov, if he does not want to coordinate his every word with the press service, can refuse the budget “Wings” and express his thoughts in free clubs. At least in Russia (if such still remained here), at least in Europe (where corporate restrictions will hardly be less).

But if Evgeny is disgusted with the whole system of modern football and it cannot exist in it, then we always have an example Alexey Sapogovwho threw dirty football and went to the monastery. Also, probably, a way out.

Where did Alex Sapogov go? He scored a mocking goal for the Turks and offered himself to Juve

What is known about the “star of one season”?

So there is nothing terrible in Frolov’s mythical fine. Another thing is scary. That in one day we will all become such football players who will no longer have freedom from the circle of “state – money – survival – state”.


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