Kubgib posted a touching clip before Bie Thansapak flew back to China “missing my beloved with all my heart”

For the girl, Kubgib Sumontip, recently referred to have posted a clip on his personal IG. which is a clip of Nong Pao Pao’s daughter Is hugging her father like Bie Thansapak, crying because her father had to fly back to work in China.

“since we last saw each other. We miss you so much every single day and always wish you great success in following your dreams. We hope your days will always be filled with joy, laughter and happiness…until we meet again 🙂 love you baby @bie_kpn ❤️🌻 “

“It’s been more than a month since Bie returned to his dream in China. We miss Bie. Baobao still cries, misses his father every night until he wants to follow him to stay at Jean Pei, looking for dad from the bathroom every night (because Dad will come out of the bathroom to play with him every night before bedtime). We miss him, but we’re very pleased with Bie. who are doing their dreams happily Thinking of my beloved with all my heart, hugging each other in my dreams. Until the day we meet….which I don’t know how much longer, maybe a year or more. I love you and I’m always proud of you. #ggbbpp#Jae Pao Bang Phli Nong Pae Bang Phli”


PS. I just posted this clip because I thought it was too deep. At first I couldn’t post it, but I wanted to save it. So today it’s down to her…. 24-09-2021



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