Kulhánek: We cannot help everyone who wants to get from Afghanistan to the Czech Republic

According to Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhánek (CSSD), the Czech Republic has already evacuated all the interpreters and collaborators there from Afghanistan, who were chosen for evacuation by the army and diplomacy. He cannot help from the country everyone who would like to go to the Czech Republic, he told reporters after today’s meeting on the budget of his office. According to him, the Černín Palace receives thousands of e-mails daily due to evacuations.

Kulhánek condemned Thursday’s suicide attacks at the airport in Kabul, in which at least 95 Afghans died, according to the latest record. According to the Pentagon, 13 American soldiers also died in the explosions. “I mourn the deaths of Afghans and members of the US military,” he said on Twitter. He added at the press conference that the explosions only confirmed the tense security situation in Kabul.

With regard to the information of the allies, the Minister considers it realistic that the evacuation flights do not have to end in a matter of days, but in a few hours. “The Czech state succeeded in something incredible and in a few days we organized three effective evacuation flights,” he said. According to him, a number of countries with better-equipped armed forces have not succeeded in a similar matter.

The Czechia evacuated 195 people from the country last week in three years, including 170 Afghans. “We managed to get to safety all Czech citizens and all Afghans and their families destined for evacuation. So the most endangered, “said Kulhánek. According to him, all interpreters of the army and co-workers of the embassy with their families are safe.

The Vlčí máky association claims that there are several people in Afghanistan with ties to the Czech Republic who have not yet been evacuated. Among them are two men with permanent residence in the Czech Republic and a Czech passport. Four men who, according to the association, helped the Czech army are also trying to evacuate. Following the evacuation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs promised to handle the transport of individuals in cooperation with the Allies. The office does not provide details.

Today, Kulhánek criticized the statement of the Vlčí máky association. “Sometimes I feel like they’re more into media presentation,” he said. According to him, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs receives a number of e-mail questions and tries to answer and evaluate them all. “Unfortunately, the reality is that we cannot help everyone who wants to get to the Czech Republic, nor would it be right. We should help those who have been evaluated by the army or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that they should be evacuated, “he said.

He mentioned the example of an Afghan who reported evacuation for alleged cooperation with the Czech authorities. “He once cooperated with the embassy by using the ambassador’s car, going to the gas station with him, and returning. And now he uses it as an argument that he was an embassy co-worker and should be evacuated. That is not possible, “concluded Kulhánek.

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