Kushner introduces his Middle East plan


AIn the end, the White House put its forty-paged economic plan for the Palestinian Territories on the Internet without further explanation. For two years, Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of the American president, worked on it. The Palestinian leadership in Ramallah and Gaza flatly rejected him. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who spoke to the press on the issue of Iran on Sunday, did not say a word to him.

Jochen Stahnke

Jochen Stahnke

Political correspondent for Israel, the Palestinian territories and Jordan based in Tel Aviv.

It is a ten-year funding program worth fifty billion dollars. It is entitled Peace to Prosperity and promises to double the gross national product of the Palestinians. However, from whom the promised money should come, remains uncertain. Kushner said he hopes to involve Arab and private investors. The paper appeared a few days before a conference in Bahrain that prompted America. There, Tuesday, American and low-ranking Arab representatives without direct Israeli and Palestinian participation will discuss financial issues in a “workshop”.

The paper does not deal with political and security issues. Neither the possibility of a Palestinian state nor the Israeli military occupation, neither the limited Palestinian freedom of movement nor the illegal settlement of the Palestinian territories are mentioned. Various observers criticize the plan as being detached from the political reality. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in front of a group of international journalists on Sunday that a solution without a diplomatic and political background would not succeed. “We need economic help,” Abbas said, but he would not accept turning a political issue into an economic one, “we will not be slaves or servants of Jared Kushner.”

Contradictory brochure

In contrast, Kushner promises in his brochure that “private property rights and legal protection for business owners are prerequisites for sustainable economic development”. In this context, the paper refers to the “authoritative Palestinian authorities” without becoming more specific. “Who could that be?” Asks Palestinian businessman Sam Bahour. “It can not be the PLO, because Trump has closed their office in Washington. It can not be the state of Palestine, “because America does not recognize it.

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