Kutsenko actively participates in the life of pregnant Poroshina – Channel five


Theater and film actor Gosha Kutsenko actively participates in the life of his ex-wife Maria Poroshina, who is able to expect a fifth child.

Recently, a 45-year-old actress divorced her last husband, Ilya Drevnov, after 17 years of marriage. About the reasons for the divorce of the media said the mother of the actress, who claimed that the son-in-law was an absolute "zero" in family life and could not even hammer a nail.

Kutsenko and Poroshina lived in a civil marriage while they were still students and went separately on their way. The couple had a daughter, Polina, who is now 22 and is also an actress.

When the actor discovered that Maria was in a difficult position, she announced her desire to provide her with all possible assistance.

– We are in contact with Masha. I am very worried about her, because now she has no husband and she expects a baby, but, of course, we will not leave her! – quotes Kutsenko FAN.

By the way, Poroshina previously opened the veil of secrecy, who she is the father of his fifth child, saying that he expects a child from a loved one who does not live in Russia.



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