kyiv denounces the existence in Russia of 70 camps where Ukrainian minors are re-educated

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The Ombudsman of Ukraine, Dmitro Lubinetshas denounced the existence of “no less than 70” camps in which Ukrainian children deported to the Russian Federation or within the territories of Ukraine are re-educated. Ukraine occupied by Russia.

“They are mandatory. Our children cannot choose whether to participate or not. Everyone is registered and it is an official educational program,” Lubinets said, quoted by the Ukrainian national news agency, Ukrinform, about this type of camps in the that minors receive instruction “patriotic-military”.

The Ukrainian Ombudsman stated that Russia wants to “educate a new generation of military personnel among Ukrainian children” who “will probably have to fight against Ukraine or other countries” in the future.

“Currently we can say that no less than 70 camps of this type operate on the territory of the Russian Federation, in the temporarily occupied territories and in Crimea“Lubinets stressed.

Ukraine has identified some 20,000 minors who have been transferred from their homes or state-run centers in the occupied territories to other areas of Ukraine under Russian control or to the Russian Federation itself.

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