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Kylie Jenner to go to court over company that uses daughter Stormi’s name | NOW

Kylie Jenner goes to court because a company is holding her back from using her daughter Stormi’s name commercially. From court documents of TMZ turns out that Jenner thinks the company is trying to make money on her daughter’s back.

The company in question is Business Moves Consulting that filed for rights to the Stormi Couture name a month after Jenner gave birth to Stormi. When the reality star herself wanted to register brands with her daughter’s name, including StormiWorld, she was sued by Business Moves Consulting because the name was too similar to their brand.

Jenner now hopes that the trademark will be revoked at Stormi Couture. She wants to prove that the company has fraudulent with the application and only wants to earn money by using the name of her daughter.

According to Jenner, her daughter has achieved fame herself thanks to the StormiWorld birthday parties that famous media wrote about. The cosmetic products under Stormis name are also popular according to her. “The name Stormi is known and associated only with Stormi Webster (the full name of Jenner’s daughter, ed.),” Jenner’s lawyer writes.

It is not the first time that Business Moves Consulting has ended up in a similar lawsuit. Earlier they already took on DJ Khaled, who sued them for using his son’s name with their Asahd Couture.



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