La Bouteille Noire, the champagne inspired by Bugatti’s most expensive car

In 2019, Bugatti revealed the ultimate incarnation of luxury in an uncompromising hypercar that is considered the most expensive and probably also the most beautiful of the brand yet: The Black Car. A unique creation handcrafted and tailored to represent the perfect shape and finish, taking inspiration from one of the most legendary historical models, the Type 57 SC Atlantic.

Now, as if they were going to baptize this car in true naval style, the French automaker and Champagne Carbon reveal the creation of a bottle of bubbly elixir to celebrate: ‘The Black Bottle‘.

Photos: Bugatti

A champagne with all the savoir faire of supercars

Capable of holding around 15 liters inside,The Bouteille Noire, made of carbon fiber, is the result of 150 hours of craftsmanship divided into 37 phases.

The champagne it contains is a 2000 Vintage blend of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir. “It is characterized by rich notes of vegetables, pepper and white fruits, the result of the best Grands Crus offered by the Champagne vineyards. Each one brings their own surprises to magnify this cuvee ”, he claimed Alexandre Mea, CEO of Champagne Carbon.

The already impressive bottle comes in an even more spectacular case, inspired by La Voiture Noire and the flowing elegance of the Type 57 SC Atlantic.

With pure surfaces and clean lines, the visual flow of the cash boxThe handcrafted Bouteille Noire is completely uninterrupted except for the ultrafine fiber structure hidden beneath the deep glossy black surface.

The carcass itself is a masterpiece, with 314 individual sheets of pre-impregnated carbon fiber, exactly like the materials used in Bugatti’s range of advanced hyper sports cars.

State-of-the-art technology inside includes a solid-state automatic thermodynamic cooling cell, typically found on orbiting satellites, along with 14 high-end fans that circulate cool air within the case.

La Bouteille Noire sits on an illuminated vivid red base, which in turn is a miniature representation of La Voiture Noire’s elegant taillight. Here it is recreated by means of a sanded acrylic glass block, illuminated with red LEDs, incorporating the jewel-shaped letters BUGATTI on a brushed natural aluminum surface.

The case opens and closes with the push of a stainless steel button, bathed in soft blue light. The doors themselves are adorned with a laser-cut piece of aluminum, mimicking the center fin of the Type 57SC Atlantic, and open with technical hinges and a bespoke drivetrain to reveal a sumptuous interior. As the doors gently open, another automatic system releases the neck of the bottle, which is secured while closed.

Fine grained Havana Brown leather lines the interior, just as it does in La Voiture Noire, which is softly illuminated by aluminum-clad LED lights, creating a theatrical display that correctly places the bottle and its contents in the foreground.

After being on display until December 1, outside The Londoner in Leicester Square, theLa Bouteille Noire was sold for more than 250,000 euros, breaking the price record for a bottle of champagne.


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