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La Bucardada, Garmo Negro and Monte Perdido; the three challenges of Virginia Pérez Mesonero | I practice sport

Waiting for the pulse to return to competitions, the Spanish runner Virginia Pérez Mesonero She is going to face a summer with three great challenges ahead: achieving the best female times in the Bucardada and the Black Garmoas well as setting the record in Monte Perdido.

“We do not have to stop enjoying the mountains that make us so happy. And to make it more competitive, we are going to try to stop the clock as quickly as possible, in a fight against oneself,” explains the protagonist of this story.

Ordesa, a wonder of nature

That is why these three challenges have been marked that will begin with the Bucarada in June. Your path will start at the Albergue el Último Bucardo, near the Ordesa National Park, specifically in Linás de Broto. This challenge was born in 2014 and consists of going up and down the 3 vertical kilometers that surround this town, leaving and signing after the descent of each one of them in the Hostel, to finish completing a distance of 30.8 kilometers and 2,915 meters of positive slope.

These three kilometers are:

– Toronzué: You climb up to this summit of 2,263 meters, with a distance of 6 km and a positive slope of 1026 meters.

– Liter: The KV Liter has been held for several years, having even been the Aragón Championship. From the hostel it has a distance of 5.1 km and a positive slope of 1,100 meters

– Pilupin: Ascend to the top of this 2,007 meter peak. The ascent is 4.3 kilometers and the positive slope of 789 meters.

The mark to beat for Virginia Pérez will be 6: 19.27 that marked Pilar Prades.

In the month of July you will face the Garmo Negro, at 3,604 meters of altitude and which is one of the most popular and affordable mountains in the Pyrenees. The challenge will be a rapid ascent from the Panticosa Lake and that ends at its top, after 4.4 kilometers and a positive drop of 1,430 meters. Here you will seek to improve the time of 1: 24.37 you have Oihana Kortazar.

Finally, the third leg of the bank will arrive in August, when it faces the impressive challenge of Monte Perdido, leaving from the town of Torla to climb to the top of this Pyrenean colossus, which is the third highest peak in the mountain range with 3,355 table, and its subsequent descent.

The impressive Monte Perdido

It is a challenge that is 43 kilometers away and has an altitude of more than 2,500 meters. The Monte Perdido record has been made for several years, although men have always done it. Iker Karrera in 2006 he scored 4:48 and later in 2012 it would be Txus Romon the one that would bring it down to 4:46:54. The current record is in the possession of another Basque, Aritz Egea, that left him in a spectacular 4: 24.31.

As for women’s brands there is no record of any, so Virginia would set the record for the first time in history, charting a path for future generations.

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