LA FTA DI RENZI? / Here is the (true) agreement with Enrico Letta

Matteo Renzi, as a good connoisseur of the country’s political history, will have already understood that his situation has known precedents. And applied by himself. There agreement to exclude it’s hard to bear. It was for the MSI first and then the PCI, both unable to govern the country for decades. But it was also true for the forces of the extreme left, wanted by him (by him) as opponents when he was president of the Province of Florence.

Very young, he already had a dislike green and left in general, enough to keep them out of any agreement for his junta. Although his party was an ally at the national level. More than twenty years ago, of course. But Matteo remembers it well. And he knows that the power to exclude is much more effective than the power to rule.

To exit theimpasse it needs its pragmatism. And that of his close friend Letta. Both were raised at the source of the Government, from the Christian Democratic history and tradition (La Pira, Fanfani, Andreatta, Prodi) all ready to mate at every congress and ready to govern the country together immediately afterwards. With different roles, of course, but together. And Enrico and Matteo at the bottom of their hearts have a shield with the cross.

Therefore to break the siege Renzi must keep the point of his strong candidacy (never become a sheep otherwise the wolf will tear you apart) in the colleges where he can do more harm. Not to be elected, but to make the Democratic Party lose those colleges that Letta feels essential for his survival. The announcement of the candidacy in five constituencies (Florence, Rome, Milan, Turin and Naples) goes in this direction. Renzi knows that the Renzians are in love and faithful (for how few) and that his presence can take away enough to hurt the opponents.

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Furthermore, he has in his hand the card of the “Atlantic pact”, or rather his certain relationship with international circles that see an ambiguous alliance in the center-right. Letta has already made it clear that if things go badly she will do something else, but another level. And he will at least have to justify the defeat in those circles. So he tries to leave the field in chaos (with uncertain majorities) and seek shelter elsewhere if he doesn’t win but gets a good draw.

But if things go wrong only for a few percent (and those points were Renzian) Letta would pay the price. At certain levels, it is not the enmities that count but the results.

Furthermore, the Renzian patrol is much more left-wing than the Calendians. Starting from Scalfalotto, passing through the Boschi, there are personalities of undoubted level. People who have only and always lived in politics (or at least have been doing it for decades), professionals (who see Renzi as the best) who would not forgive Matteo’s humoral choices. And they would appreciate having to do the 3 instead of the 5% to be elected. The Chief would do it for him.

Therefore it is likely that in the next few days the call of the scudocrociata forest will be heard and the two – Renzi and Letta – will quiet down and stop giving them to each other for a few weeks. You don’t need a big announcement, not even a bullish deal. Suffice it to say that the values ​​of Western democracies, social rights and the defense of Italy’s international position are a priority. The rest will come by itself. And if there were the olive suggestion (which Renzi and Letta practiced in their youth) it would be a good package in which to keep the government and environmentalist left inside. Renzi knows that like Sylvester Stallone, his sold out season at the cinema is over. But he also knows that with a good remake after some time he can again fill the box office with consensus. The seasons pass, after all. And even old jeans are back in fashion as long as you know how to keep them.

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Therefore Renzi and Letta can make an alliance (even more than an electoral one), useful for both, to which they can give an evocative connotation. A proto-olive coalition agreement, albeit more mature. Matteo will not lead dozens of professionals to suicide, who unlike the Dimaiani (children of an unrepeatable miracle), I want to stay in politics. The price? A few deputies in the colleges claimed with his carding. A few senators, including him. The sacrifice of 2/3 of the Renzians elected today. Enough to live (then to philosophize) and break the exclusionary agreement of which he became the victim. But that’s another story.

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