La Jornada – Order to vaccinate two people against Covid-19 is annulled

Collegiate courts in administrative matters annulled the outright suspensions that a federal judge granted to two individuals who ordered the health authorities to apply the Covid-19 vaccine and issue a vaccination program, since the current strategy is simplistic.

The magistrates of the First and Twenty-third collegiate courts in administrative matters in Mexico City deemed well founded the complaint resources filed last week by the Ministry of Health, who challenged the suspensions that Judge Martín Santos Pérez, head of the Eighth District Court in Administrative matter, granted to the petitioners María Estela Alvarado and Manuel Silva Vega.

Since last January 7, Santos Pérez has granted at least 15 precautionary measures, arguing that the vaccination strategy against the new coronavirus is simplistic, since it does not take into account the suffering of people.

However, for the first collegiate court, it was inadmissible to grant the suspension in the terms requested by the complainant, as it would translate into a variation in the execution of the national vaccination policy. But not only that, the authority would also be forced to modify or paralyze the previously established schemes to vaccinate people who attend the amparo trial.

The members stated that by granting the precautionary measure in the terms requested, it would affect the interest of the whole of society that health personnel who directly attend to the infected population be vaccinated first, who are also in imminent and certain danger of contracting the virus.

“The actions to prevent and reduce the transmission of the virus do not fall exclusively on the authorities, through programs such as the one related to the vaccination of the population, but also on the governed, who have the responsibility of addressing mitigation measures to that effect. Recommended, as they are, not to leave the house if it is not necessary, avoid places with an agglomeration of people, use the mouth cover, hygiene measures, among others ”added the robed.


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