There may be a turning point in the affair of the Mahle, the company that – between The Loggia e Saluzzo, employs around 345 people. From the videoconference meeting held today between the Region, trade unions and top management, it emerges that there is an agreement with IMR which is ready to take over both sites, both Turin and Cuneo. South industrial IMR, this is the full name, is based in Carate in Brianza and is active in the automotive sector.

Of the 345 workers, according to the agreement (the minutes of intent have been made, while the notarial deed will have to wait until the end of the year), 270 will remain in their place, while 25 will be moved to Mahle Behr in Grugliasco and another 50, on the other hand, with the restrictions provided for accessing the pension, will voluntarily access Naspi.

It is a family-run company controlled by the Garbarini family and is also present in Germany, Spain and Poland. It currently has around 2200 and a turnover of 330 million.

The company will ask for 24 months of Cigs for company restructuring in which training and integration of workers will be carried out – they say Bruno Ieraci e Pier Andrea Cavallero, of Fiom . It is a positive news, now the union negotiations must be started shortly, as regards regulations, wage harmonization and the application of the national metalworkers contract“.

The meeting was due to take place a week ago, Wednesday 22 July. The causes of the postponement are likely to refer to fine-tuning of the plan which will be presented by videoconference.

Mahle on 23 October last year declared that it wanted to close the Saluzzo and La Loggia plants because they operate in a “no longer competitive” market, that of the production of pistons for the diesel world.

The next day the collective dismissal procedure began for about 450 employees (209 in Saluzzo and 243 in La Loggia). A long negotiation with a prolonged standoff between unions and the company: layoffs suspended in late November for 30 days after the meeting at the MISE which lengthen the time needed to find a resolution in early February. Then a second table at the Mise at the end of January which leads to the withdrawal of the layoffs with the activation of a year of extraordinary layoffs and the appointment of an advisor from the Swedish Ural Mercury who took care of assessing the possibility of reindustrialising the site.

«Since the first day I followed the case of Mahle with constancy, concreteness and without ever raising the tone because we knew we had a good chance of solving the situation – comments the President of the Piedmont Region Alberto Cirio. I am happy for this news that again gives confidence to their future for hundreds of workers and I would like to thank Councilor Chiorino for the commitment and determination with which he has carried out this long negotiation for months».

«I am extremely satisfied – adds the regional councilor to work, Elena Chiorinothe fact that, after so much work, a positive solution has been identified that will affect most of the Mahle workers. A solution made possible thanks to the intervention of the IMR – a solid company already present in the Piedmont area – which represents a very positive sign and highlights that, despite the moment we are living, there are still realities that intend to invest and believe in our territory to rebuild its cheap fabric. This operation also demonstrates another fundamental aspect, which we have supported since day one: Piedmont is still attractive. Fact that pushes us to work with even more determination, following with the utmost attention the evolution of this story and offering our maximum availability for future steps. This operation certainly represents a strong signal that suggests to us that the recovery and development of our economy are not chimeras or dreams, but truly achievable objectives».

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