La Tota Salvio, spicy: the criticism of his son, the dream and the “he broke his c…”

Her name is Justina López, but everyone knows her as La Tota. Eduardo Salvio’s mother, the Boca forward, speaks little but every time he does he leaves titles and today was no exception.

“I liked the title that they put guts, eggs, as they say”, expressed the Tota about the Super League obtained by the Xeneize and made him spicy: “He did not allow himself to be mocked because they came very loaded with mockery. That Boca was dead, that he bought bad players, that he did bad business … But Boca slowly, as the soccer jargon says, broke his ass. It closed everyone’s mouth. “

One of the images of the closing of the Super League was the hug between mother and son in La Bombonera, and explained: “When I hugged Toto, I told him that my dream was fulfilled. That was the greatest thing he could give me. I feel that he is fulfilling everything I ask, it seems that I have hired my son to fulfill my dreams, ha “.

Beyond that Justina assured that she fulfilled the dream, she has another one, that of all Boca fans: “Every day I ask God to be the champion of the Copa Libertadores.”

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“I have a lot of intuition and I feel that Boca is going for everything, that it will be the champion of the Copa Libertadores. Something tells me to calm down because you have to go step by step, but I have faith that the boys are going to be very hungry and they are going to do it, “he said.

Meanwhile, in dialogue with How’s it going OK, on ​​radio Del Plata, La Tota expressed her sorrow for listening to criticism of Eduardo: “It hurts me a lot that they talk bad about my son. When Toto just arrived in Boca, they said he was injured and it wasn’t true, that hurt me a lot. I understand that they have something to say, but there is a family behind it.”

Finally, he remembered again the closing of the contest: “In the final I was bandaged and I didn’t have to get excited, because with that condition the doctor had sent me. But when Toto almost scored a goal, it gave me a feeling of crying and I told my little grandson: ‘The goal is coming.’ In that Tevez breaks it and my heart almost explodes. I took a deep breath and hugged my grandson tightly. “


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