Sport La Volpe, the fans' favorite to return to the...

La Volpe, the fans’ favorite to return to the Tri bench

Ricardo La Volpe He was chosen by the fans to return to the Mexican team in an exercise that was published on the social networks of Spicy Soccer, where it was asked to choose between the Argentine, Javier Aguirre and Miguel Herrera to return to Tri, a poll in which the South American won, even became a trend despite the fact that a few days ago the ‘Bigotón’ announced his retirement.

The Volpe, Aguirre or Herrera. If one of them had to take El Tri again, who would you stay with? ”Was the question that was asked on Twitter Spicy Soccer about the three coaches who have taken Mexico to World Cups.

Aguirre was in two World Cup processes, both took them as a “firefighter”, as he first came to qualify for Tri to Korea / Japan 2002 and later repeated it towards South Africa 2010.

Herrera arrived on the bench of the Mexican team in late 2013, to play the playoff against New Zealand, a rival he beat with what tied the ticket for Brazil 2014, but in 2015 he left the technical direction after hitting journalist Christian Martinoli .

Finally, The Volpe, the favorite of the fans, was with El Tri between 2002 and 2006, at which time he played in the Confederations Cup in 2005, where his managers showed a pleasant style of play and later in the World Cup in Germany they were eliminated by Argentina in overtime of the round of 16.



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