La Voz Senior: Daniela Darcourt’s mother attends the casting blindly to surprise a sauce boat and makes her cry Video Farándula nndc | SHOWS

The mother of attended the blind casting of “La Voz Senior” to surprise the sauce boat with a performance of the song “From the bottom of my soul” by Raphael.

Rosario Escurra, better known as ‘Charito’, sang and made all the coaches turn their seats and when it was Daniela’s turn, the sauce boat began to cry live.

Faced with this emotional surprise, Darcourt said a few words to explain how important her family is to her.

“I try to tell young people that family is important. A message, a call or a moment of our loneliness or in which we have two free minutes, let’s do things that really fill our family ”, he said through tears.

“My mother is my everything and I believe that after my grandfather, I continue to do this (music) for her because at the time when I had to go out on the street when I was very young, my mother would sit on the steps of a store to wait for me. ”, concluded.


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