Labor leader vows to end plan to deport migrants to Rwanda

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The leader of the Labor opposition, Keir StarmerHas promised End plan to deport immigrants to Rwanda pending asylum application. The announcement by Starmer, who this Tuesday will present his Government program for the 2024 elections at his party’s annual conference in Liverpool, comes at the same time as the Supreme Court debates whether the plan promoted by the Secretary of the Interior Suella Braverman is illegal.

“I think it is a wrong policy,” Starmer declared this Monday on the BBC, when asked about the future of the Plan Ruanda. “It is enormously expensive and only a minimal number of people would ultimately go to Rwanda, when the problem is at the source.”

“The Government has said time and again that this plan would reduce the number of immigrants, but that has not happened,” he added. “No one wants to see those crossings in the English Channel, but The only way to stop it is to crush the gangs that exploit the situation.“.

Starmer warned that the anti-immigration rhetoric used by the Conservative Government “gets us nowhere” and said he was convinced that a Labor Government would be capable of achieving greater collaboration from France and other European Union countries to dismantle the gangs. of human trafficking.

The Labor leader also promised that he would give instructions to speed up the queue of pending asylum cases, currently estimated at more than 160,000. “People would be surprised to know that of all the people who have arrived by boat, only 1% of asylum applications have been processed.”

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