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The crowd’s scolding in the first quarter of the season, the lack of efficiency of the attack once again hindered the Vasco in the 1-0 defeat against Bahia, last Monday, for the third round of the Brazilian Championship. The team created opportunities in São Januário and kicked 15 times on goal, but failed to score.

See all of Vasco’s submissions against Bahia, for the 3rd round of the Brasileirão

The number of submissions is impressive compared to the games against Atlético-MG and Palmeiras. Added to the first two rounds of the Brasileirão, Vasco had the same 15 kicks – six against the Minas Gerais team and nine against the Paulistas. If they came less often close to the opponent’s goal, on the other hand, Maurício Barbieri’s team knew how to take advantage of the chances and scored four goals, two in each match.

In the Brazilian Championship, Vasco so far needs 7.5 shots to score a goal.

The difficulty against Bahia had been a tonic for Vasco before the Brasileirão. In the state, for example, the team repeated last Monday’s number several times. The average number of shots was over 17 per game, but the ball went in less than expected – the team needed 9.7 shots to score goals. In the Copa do Brasil, it took 11 shots to score.

– Efficiency always has a determining weight in the result. We created a good number of good opportunities in the first half and were not efficient – summarized Barbieri in the press conference.

Against Bahia, Vasco had a great number of shots in the first half, when they tried 11 shots at Marcos Felipe’s goal – of these, only four were saved by the tricolor goalkeeper. The team from Rio still sent five balls out and saw another two stop in the opposing defense.

Vasco’s 11 submissions in the first half:

  • 6 minutes: Alex Teixeira is launched in the back of the defense of Bahia and kicks hard for Marcos Felipe’s defense. Pedro Raul almost takes the rebound, but does not reach the ball.
  • 11 minutes: Gabriel Pec kicks from the edge of the area, but outside, without danger.
  • 12min: Pedro Raul receives from Pec, invades the area from the right and is blocked in the finalization.
  • 14min: Pec makes a good move on the right, invades the area and crosses backwards. Pedro Raul takes it first, and Marcos Felipe makes a good save.
  • 16 minutes: Léo takes a side kick in the area, Bahia’s defender partially takes it away, and Pumita catches it first. Ball passes close to the crossbar.
  • 19min: Puma starts on the right and plays for Pedro Raul at the entrance to the area. The number 9 leaves the heel, but Alex Teixeira takes the ball badly and kicks it out.
  • 20min: Marlon Gomes takes chances from outside the area, but the kick is weak through the bottom line.
  • 31min: with a free kick on the right, Pec takes a risk, and Marcos Felipe defends in two moves.
  • 41min: Pec raises a foul on the second post for Andrey, who heads weakly to Marcos Felipe’s defense.
  • 46min: Puma makes a long pass to Alex Teixeira, who heads to the edge of the area. Pedro Raul spins and catches it first. The ball passes close to the crossbar.
  • 49min: in a corner kick, Pec gets up in the area, Andrey heads in, but the ball explodes in Bahia’s defense.

1 of 1 Alex Teixeira missed two good chances against Bahia, last Monday — Photo: André Durão/ge
Alex Teixeira missed two good chances against Bahia, last Monday — Photo: André Durão/ge

The tricolor goal at the end of the first half changed the course of the match, and Vasco for the first time in the championship was behind on the scoreboard. The disadvantage scared the team, which in the final stage produced little. Marcos Felipe made only two saves, without difficulty. The goalkeeper even saw Gabriel Pec take a free kick and Carabajal’s kick be deflected for a corner.

Vasco’s four submissions in the second half:

  • 8min: in the free-kick at the entrance to the area, Pec charges in place, looks for Marcos Felipe’s corner, but the ball goes out over the bottom line.
  • 18min: Puma crosses, Pedro Raul makes the pivot, the ball is left over for Carabajal, who tries to kick it in place. Ball explodes in the defense of Bahia and comes out in a corner.
  • 37min: Carabajal takes chances from outside the area, but the shot lacks power and is easily saved by Marcos Felipe.
  • 41min: Orellano takes a free kick, in the corner, but without much strength, and Marcos Felipe makes the save.

Next Saturday, Vasco meets one of the opponents who took advantage of the lack of efficiency of Barbieri’s team in the state championship. Against Fluminense, for the Guanabara Cup, the team finished 19 times and did not score a goal, while the rival needed 10 shots to score twice and win. The classic for the Brasileirão will be at 21:00, at Maracanã.

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