LADA Granta Drive Active has failed a "familiar" test drive


If drivers have small children, it is better not to buy a grant.

A disappointing conclusion was made by the popular blogger of the "I drive" channel, who decided to organize a sort of "familiar" test drive for the updated LADA Granta Drive Active driver. These tests have become the "trick" of the surveyor and he controls how this or that car is suitable for the safe transport of children in child seats.

"A car should always be considered in terms of possible long journeys with the family, small children", explains the blogger. And if the LADA Granta Drive Active driver's luggage capacity was pleasantly surprised, he was expected to be completely disappointed in the future: “Many crossovers are crying looking at this trunk. It suited all the chairs I wanted to test ".

On the front seat, as expected, the cradle cannot be transported: it is not possible to switch off the front airbag. But the blogger did not blame LADA Granta Drive Active too much for this, since only two cars, for the entire duration of the test, could boast such a pleasant option: these are Skoda Kodiaq and Mitsubishi 7-seater Outlander. But when it came to the row of back seats, there was a reason to criticize.

To position the cradle freely, the driver had to significantly push the passenger seat forward, due to which it would not have been possible to sit there in actual use. The IsoFix supports, necessary for the correct fixing of child seats, are positioned as uncomfortably as possible and the surveyor had to sweat a lot before being able to repair them, if necessary.

"There is very little space behind, even children do not have enough, failure", "You can just sit in front of such a step", "Leave it to pensioners, not torture young mothers", LADA Granta Drive Active argued in the "failure" family test drive network.



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