Ladeni China, Taiwan Fighter Jet Landing Exercise on the Road

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Taiwan hold practice fighter jet who landed on the makeshift runway on the highway, Wednesday (15/9). This exercise is called to face China if they destroy the air base.

Taiwan’s President, Tsai Ing-wen, said such skills are necessary if China ever attacks and targets the island.

“Excellent combat skills and such fast, precise action come from solid daily training,” Tsai said at Facebook, quoted Reuters.

Tsai continued her statement, “(It) also demonstrates the confidence of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Air Force in defending its airspace.”

As part of Han Kang’s annual military drills, the drills took place on one of the highways that was purposely built to accommodate aircraft landings.

The exercise lasted for a week in Taiwan. Not only about takeoff, other exercises were held to repulse the Chinese invasion in order to protect crucial infrastructure and night operations were also held.

However, the so-called highway fighter jet landing drills were the most dramatic.

Taiwan is known to have five makeshift highway runways across the region. The runway could be used if a Chinese attack destroys the air force base, meaning the air force can still operate.

Most of Taiwan’s air bases are on the west coast, which faces China. It is likely that the area will soon be hit by missiles and bombardment in the event of a war.

The mountainous east coast, on the other hand, is home to two other air bases, which are said to provide much stronger protection.

Taiwan’s Air Force almost daily intercepts Chinese aircraft flying into the territory’s defense zone, most of them flying over the Pratas Islands.

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In 2021, the number of attacks Taiwan has received is more than 400.

The biggest attack took place in April, with the entry of 25 fighter jets into the island’s airspace.

Even in 2020, Chinese jets and bombers made a record 380 attacks on Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ).

Many of Taiwan’s defense equipment systems are old, some have had fatal accidents. Meanwhile, China is constantly pounding the island so as not to secede and join its sovereign territory.


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