Ladybugs carrying STI sighted in Bolton


COCCINELLE carrying sexually transmitted diseases that are invading people's homes in hibernation have come to Bolton.

Clusters of Harlequin's foreign ladybugs, which flew away from warm winds, were spotted in the Bromley Cross houses that gathered on top of windows and doors.

Harlequins are available in a variety of colors and are larger than the native varieties of ladybugs.

They pose a threat to native species because of their voracious appetites, they are known to eat small species of ladybugs and their eggs.

They are not harmful to humans, although there have been reports of bites and should leave the houses after the winter.

Insects are attracted to pale surfaces and hibernate indoors, unlike their British cousins ​​who choose the underside of leaves and branches to sleep during the winter.The Bolton News:

Bunches of insects hibernating in a portico at Bromley Cross

Harlequins carry a sexually transmitted fungal disease that can only be contracted by other insects and also by arachnids, and can not be transferred to humans.

People have shared their videos and images of insects swarming in their homes on social media.

Did you identify the ladybirds invaders? Submit an image along with your name and where you found them on



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