Laeticia Hallyday and his band from St. Barth & # 39; all for one


"From the Dreyfus affair, we have not seen many cabal like that!" to leave, in early October, a nice neighborhood in Paris. The object of his anger: the violence of beatings against her friend, Laeticia Hallyday, accused for almost a year of having laid hands on the legacy of her late husband, who died on December 5, 2017. "I wanted to attack all his lynchings against a wall! she continues, vehemently. But Laeticia showed us the way to fight with love weapons. "


This faithful companion, who wishes to keep his anonymous explosions, for several months has found another way to defend Johnny's widow. Like his girlfriends, he draws his followers on Instagram, to accompany the photos in which they filter happiness and serenity, the hashtag #loveisallweneed. A formula click that takes all of his relatives, sometimes with some variations: #allweneedislove or, briefly, #loveisall.

"We found it good, not too stupid, in front of Sylviane Destaillats, the nanny of Jade and Joy, the two Laeticia girls. It seems to me that this comes from a Laeticia t-shirt. " "Unless it is the inscription that adorned the small leather bags that had been made for his 40th birthday", another Emojis bounces, hearts and supporting group photographs, the Laeticia band has opted for a positive communication.

According to the instagram of Lilianejossua, Marieponiatowski and Sylinthecity.
According to the instagram of Lilianejossua, Marieponiatowski and Sylinthecity. Photocollage Helena Kadji / M The magazine of the world

A support campaign orchestrated directly by the main stakeholders? The chorus of her friends defends herself, with her hand on her heart. "It was so sad that he could no longer publish anything on Instagram, we acted spontaneously, a companion answers. His detractors wanted his head, like Marie Antoinette. "

From February 2018, when Laura Smet and David Hallyday questioned his father's American will, relying on his only wife Laeticia "All his legacy and his rights as an artist", a virulent legal battle, every spasm spreads in the media, opposes the two parts. On April 13, the elders got a block on Johnny Hallyday's real estate, and Laeticia retained the exclusive right to see the posthumous album, My country is love, released on October 19th. Recently, the hearing that was to determine the jurisdiction of the French court was postponed to March 22, 2019.


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