Laeticia Hallyday lost everything? The total inheritance will go to Johnny’s hidden child?

As the legacy story that hit the headlines between Laeticia Hallyday and David and Laura, for long months is finally finished since the beginning of July, an advertisement published in a certain press could have had the effect of a bomb.

Indeed, Internet users could discover an article a few days ago, which states that in fact, Laeticia Hallyday could be disinherited for the benefit of Johnny’s hidden son Hallyday. Information to say the least surprising that it was obviously necessary to take with great care since it was about an article published by the satirical magazine Seei who imagined Jean-Baptiste Guégan as the universal legatee of the famous rocker. The magazine was doing ” revelations ”Explosives by asserting that the mother of Jade and Joy was deprived of everything, in favor of the vocal double, Jean-Baptiste Guégan.

The parody newspaper accustomed to the genre, also claimed that the one that some see as the spiritual son of the idol of young people had made statements for the less intriguing:A few years ago Johnny Hallyday brought me to Los Angeles. I thought he wanted to meet me because he liked my voice, well his, well ours since we had almost the same. He actually asked me to take the trip because he had inflammation of his vocal cords and couldn’t record the latest tracks from his album “Staying Alive”. He offered me a nice sum of money to sing for him without anyone knowing “.

Unless the principal concerned confirms to us that it was indeed the truth, which would obviously be perfectly surprising, the imagination of the author of these lines did not stop there. Since in this same report, Jean-Baptiste Guégan would have said then that Laeticia was absent, Johnny Hallyday would have given him a small statuette. Arrived in France, Jean-Baptiste Guégan would have placed the statuette on his fireplace, when one day his cat playing with the small object accidentally dropped it to the ground. The figurine would then have revealed in its entrails a very strange document. These were the last wishes of the late Johnny that he had hidden inside the little trinket. On this parchment, it was written that Johnny bequeathed all his fortune and his real estate to his spiritual son, Jean-Baptiste Guégan. A scenario worthy of the most beautiful Hollywood achievements, but obviously pure fiction.

On the other hand, what has been proven and demonstrated is that John the Baptist Guégan was very critical of Johnny’s entourage Hallyday who accompanied him during the last years of his life. The rocker’s vocal lookalike actually violently attacked Maxime Nucci. He criticized the songwriter for not having been up to the end of Johnny Hallyday’s career when he had participated in the creation of the last album of the idol of young people. According to the 37-year-old singer, the performer of Envy would have let himself be completely manipulated and would have been totally lost artistically in recent years.

An analysis that would also share Michel Mallory who works today with Jean-Baptiste Guégan, while for a time he had worked for many years with Johnny Hallyday. The former lyricist blames Thierry Chassagne, the president of the record label Warner Music France :At the end of his life, he (Johnny NDLR) was no longer there musically. I remain convinced that he did not need to go to fashionable people. I don’t think Warner was helping him make the right decisions. In Universal, that was another matter!confided Michel Mallory. Critics that might not please Laeticia Hallyday who with the family Baudou, managed Johnny’s business Hallyday the last years of his life. It’s actually a small, disguised attack on Jade and Joy’s mother.

But since he appeared in front of the scene, Jean-Baptiste Guégan on the one hand garnered the approval of a lot of Johnny fans Hallyday, but is also the target of detractors who accuse him of surfing the wave of the artist’s death.

If David and Laura Hallyday said they admired the work of the 37-year-old man, Laeticia HallydayAt first she saw this imitation as a tribute, but she nevertheless warned against certain attitudes which might displease her: “ I have nothing against him (Jean-Baptiste Guégan, Editor’s note), I thought that there is so much expectation in the lives of Johnny fans that he brings them something. He does his job, I have nothing to say.

I prefer to maintain my husband’s work. This is what he expected of me. Jade and Joy’s mother said, however, that if she did not have the possibility to prevent anyone from wanting to pay tribute to her husband, she remained very attentive to the way things are going: “ Tributes are important. If anyone embarks on an adventure that does not respect him, I will intervene. And of course, I’ll let our kids know about it as well as David and Laura. After all, the key is to put Johnny back on the scene. And his work, which I would like to take to the end of his dreams, for him and for his fans ”. Here is John the Baptist Guégan and all the other defendants.

Even if the beginning of this article takes up remarks totally invented by a person full of imagination, other affirmations of Jean-Baptiste Guégan they really created controversy. This was also the case of Jean-Claude Camus, the historic producer of the singer who died on December 5, 2017 who had violently attacked the vocal double of the rocker.

Another person Michel Jankielewicz does not have a very good opinion on Jean-Baptiste either Guégan. Johnny’s former manager sent a statement to AFP for to affirm that John the Baptist Guégan had lied. Indeed, the lookalike had stated that 5 tracks from the album he was about to release, were originally to be sung by Johnny Hallyday. But the former manager formally denies this hypothesis and says he does not believe at all that these are songs that Johnny would have recorded: “ When Johnny released an album, all of Paris wrote for him! “.

It’s hard to know where the truth lies and who is closest to the accuracy of the facts.

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