Lakers is already reaching Pat Beverley, Seth Curry


Outside the pipe, the dream of landing Kawhi Leonard, the Los Angeles Lakers free agents checklist has some features we can pick up by seeing the players they are interested in. Centers, 3-point shooters and point guards seem to be the most important priorities for the Lakers this summer.

According to Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers have already contacted Patrick Beverley, who expects to be a much requested free agent. Turner also reports that the Lakers have been in contact with Seth Curry, who has been connected to the Lakers for some time.

In addition to the two guards with strong 3-point shooting profiles, the Lakers were also connected to great men like the former Clippers center DeAndre Jordan.

While Anthony Davis is an excellent center, it is not his preference to play the position, so finding someone like Jordan would be more comfortable for him. It would also have the chain reaction of not requiring LeBron to play forward for long stretches of the regular season.

As for the point guard, the Lakers traded Lonzo Ball and could lose Alex Caruso for free. The Lakers were also 29th in the NBA with 3 points off last season, condemning them to a score below six, despite having LeBron James for most of the season.

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