Lali Espósito was surprised with the greeting from Britney Spears on WhatsApp

In the midst of the whirlwind for the premiere of her new album, Lali Esposito does not stop receiving compliments and congratulations from the music industry and other celebrities, She was surprised with an important message: Britney Spears sent her an audio with some sweet words.

This is because the Argentine artist dedicated a fragment in her song Obsession to one of her idols. It’s about the hit Crazy, Lali used “You drive me” and the thanks come based on that. But in the video posted on his Instagram account, you can see how it’s all a joke.

“Hola, soy Britney Spears. I needed you to know that I love your song Obsession and the tribute you pay to my song Crazy. You did an amazing job. I kept rocking it with your new album. I love you, sweetie,” Britney told her very affectionately.

She responded clearly: “I love you too.” But it was clearly a joke because in her video you can see how a friend of hers uses a disc on her face pretending to be the American. The voice that is fired from the phone as if it were WhatsApp audio is a program where the voice is changed.

Lali Espósito, Tini Stoessel and La Joaqui in the middle of a network war for a controversial “I like it”

A scandal was present on social networks when a fan of Tini Stoessel targeted the fandom of other artists, specifically Lali Espósito, via social networks. In the middle of this message La Joaqui “liked” endorsing the comment and the conflict broke out.

Despite not being mentioned, the message tried to show that those who attacked Tini werein addition to other groups of fans of other artists, the main criticism came from the fandom of Lali. But since it was not explicit, they explained it in the comments.

Following this accusation, La Joaqui “liked”, but only for having mentioned her because of her look and did not interpret it as criticism: “Girls, for God’s sake, Lali is the love of my life, I have always been her fan. How they like to make a mess between women who get along well and admire each other.

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