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The day of this Wednesday has condensed the toxic and inevitable character of the relationship between the president of the Liga, Javier Tebas and that of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales. In the morning they were tortured; In the afternoon, they went to mediation.

The day began with the general assembly of LaLiga, in which Rubiales participated with voice but without a vote, and in which Thebes did not allow the entry of the four people who accompanied the president of the RFEF. At least on three previous occasions, Rubiales had been accompanied by a similar group, much larger than the one authorized by the club representatives. But this Wednesday he had to go in alone.

From the federation they attribute the gesture to what they consider a deliberate purpose of disturbing, in the ambit of what they understand as a general interference campaign, and from the assembly Rubiales explodes: "I think (Tebe) is nervous because some good your friends, who until now had control of the entire television market, now they will not be able to show off. They are people who have corrupted the members of FIFA We have obtained the recognition of a bribe from Mediapro in the 2018 and from the federation, our correspondent body, we were told that we should not work with people who corrupt, who acknowledged having corrupted, "he said.

That same thing had been transferred to Mediapro Rubiales on April 4 through a burofax, which explained why they could not bid on the rights to broadcast their competitions, particularly the Copa del Rey and the Spanish Super Cup.

A week later, Jaume Roures, the company's managing partner, replied to Bureaufax with a letter stating that "neither Mediapro, nor Imagina Media Audiovisual, the parent company of the group, have been convicted of corruption, fraud or similar offenses. none of the countries in which they operate ".

Meeting at the CSD

Shortly after the relief of Rubiales against Thebes and Roures, LaLiga released a note in which he announced that the clubs had approved not to support the federation's plans to reform the Glass of the King and the Supercopa of Spain: 39.7 votes in favor, 2.2 against and 1.1 abstention. According to the note, they adopt this position "because this type of modification must be agreed with LaLiga to influence clubs and SAD affiliated to this and imply a significant change in the calendar of professional competitions and, in the case of the Supercup, a change in the rights acquired by the clubs and by LaLiga affiliated SADs ".

The analysis of the federation is the opposite: LaLiga, they say, has no jurisdiction over these competitions, the power of the RFEF. Remember that the elimination proposal of the cup is a single match up to the semi-finals and that the Super Cup is played in the format of four final and outside Spain, where it must be approved or rejected, it is in the extraordinary federal general assembly next Monday, April 29th.

In the afternoon, Tebas and Rubiales went to the headquarters of the Superior Council of Sport (CSD), which acts as a mediator to try to close an agreement on the coordination agreement of both institutions that expires in June. They talked about the new Supercopa, which the federation wants to celebrate in January 2020. But LaLiga refuses to give up a date in that month.

After two hours of discussion without progress, the CSD summoned them on May 6, when it will already be known if the RFEF has approved the changes and after the general elections, which could lead to changes in the Council. They were invited to make proposals.

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