Lamborghini Essenza SCV12: New queen of the circuits

After long teasers, Lamborghini finally lifts the veil on the new SCV12 entirely dedicated to the circuit. This formidable pistarde benefits from ultra-refined aerodynamics and the most powerful V12 in Lamborghini history.

The Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 will never see the road. It is not made for that because it has been totally designed to offer the best performance on the circuit to its lucky owners. Its dynamic turbo-compression V12 engine thus peaks at 830 horsepower, a value never before achieved by another Lamborghini before it.

1,200 kg of support at 250 km / h

In terms of aerodynamics, here too, Lamborghini has not refused anything and everything has been thought out down to the smallest detail: from the tip of the front lower lip to the edge of the enormous rear spoiler, including its tapered profile and its enormous rear deflectors. So Lamborghini simply promises more downforce than a high-speed racing GT3: 1,200 kg at 250 km / h!

As on the competition prototypes, there is also a pushrod rear suspension installed directly on the gearbox as well as Pirelli slick tires mounted on 19-inch magnesium wheels at the front and 20-inch at the rear.

Very limited

The few customers who can afford this little gem whose price and number of copies have not been communicated will benefit from a complete driving program that will take them to the most prestigious circuits in the world. They will even be able to check by webcam the state of their car neat and stored directly at the headquarters of the brand.

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