Lamborghini has already produced 15,000 Uruses. It took him about three years

The Italian carmaker Lamborghini boasted that it had produced 15,000. a copy of his SUV named Urus.

The first “esúvéčko” of the brand took only some three years to reach this milestone. So you shouldn’t be surprised that no other model in Lamborghini’s history has been made that fast.

Urus will also soon become the most successful car with a bull in the emblem ever. This should currently be Huracán, which has been produced since 2014. Huracán in the position of the best-selling Lamb in 2019 overtook Gallardo. In about 10 years of production (2003 to 2013), it registered 14,022 pieces.

15,000. Urus, who received a matt gray body paint (Grigio Keres) and a two-tone interior combination, is heading to the customer in Great Britain.

The Italian carmaker also boasted production growth in the first six months of this year. She even did so well that she experienced the best half of history. From the beginning of January to the end of June, it produced a total of 2,796 copies of the Urus model, 1,532 Huracans and 524 Aventadors.

In connection with the Urus, it is also worth noting that the Italian SUV should be presented next year in a modernized form, which could offer higher performance with two turbocharged four-liter eight-cylinder. However, there is also talk of a new plug-in hybrid version and a variant more suitable for worse terrain.



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