Landline: A1 Telekom Austria expands FTTC as optical fiber


A1 Telekom Austria has improved its Internet service for around 420,000 families from the start of the year. This gave the A1 July 11, 2019 knownOf these, 170,000 families have recently been connected to the largest network.

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In the last six months, some 3,300 kilometers of fiber optic cable have been laid as part of the A1 expansion and the A1 network has been extended to 70 municipalities. Families and companies newly connected by Pinkafeld in the Burgenland to Doren in Vorarlberg now have access to data transmissions up to 300 MBit / s. This data transfer rate can be achieved with VDSL2 and Vplus, with FTTH 1 GBit / s and much more. With FTTB and 1 GBit / s is possible, divided into download and upload. A1 Telekom Austria, however, speaks of a fiber-optic network.

"Here we have several fiber interconnection technologies: FTTB and FTTC allow us to bring the fiber optic network closer to our customers, but unfortunately I cannot offer the exact number of FTTH connections."Company spokeswoman Livia Dandrea-Böhm on request.

Competitors want FTTH

Vplus uses a higher frequency than VDSL2: 35 instead of 17 MHz. As a result, aggregate speeds of up to 300 Mbps would be achieved. Vplus should be compatible with the VDSL2 vector 17a. All lines can be vectorized. Vplus promises 200 Mbps at distances up to 500 meters and 300 Mbps + up to 250 meters. If the "last mile" is longer than 550 meters, the route could be shortened using small Vplus cable splitters or micro-network nodes.

A1 Telekom Austria has around 5.4 million mobile customers and 2.3 million landline, making it one of the leading suppliers in the country. A1 will continue to expand the network in the coming months.

The Association of Alternative Telecommunications Network Operators (VAT) criticized in March 2019 that additional funding would flow into obsolete copper lines of Telekom Austria. The widest expansion in glass fiber and open networks is required for all suppliers.


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