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Despite the victory of the last day, Lorient lost his chance to find the Ligue 1. A great failure for Landreau, who could not continue with the Breton training.

This Tuesday, May 14, Mickaël Landreau celebrated his 40th spring. But it is not certain that the native Machecoul had the smile at that moment to blow his candles and chew his big cake: his FCL had just left fifth place in Ligue 2, synonymous with playoffsand found himself at the mercy of Paris FC and Racing Club de Lens. There is no shortage: the two in front were full (great victory Lenso 5-2 against the Orleans and small success 1-0 of the PFC against Gazélec), the Merlus – still winners on the lawn of Le Havre – find themselves of new trapped at the door of the first 5 and left for a year on trips to Gaston-Petit, Abbé-Deschamps, Stade Océane or René-Gaillard. Cruel, because on his arrival, he was only played in the difference in goals between Sang and Or and Bretons (+21 against +10).
But it is not exactly during this J38 that the Lorient flop was built. No, this final table makes Lorient appear instead of the cons is the result of a fall that was made in the last effort: symptomatic of what the Morbihan team lacks to regain its past glory. Long place (with a long podium presence and a fourth place that was released only one day of the deadline), Vincent Le Goff and his teammates could also get close to the dolphin – and the neighbor – Brest in the middle -Mars if Yoann Court had not drawn 20 minutes from the end to Moustoir. Two months later, here are the Finisterians flying for the elite while the Tangos depressed.

" I knew that the Ligue 2 was difficult"

"Focus on the field; responsibility, it's meLandreau had told his foals before this meeting under the sign of the crossing of the fingers. This is the problem: arrived in the 2017 season in the port city for a first real experience on a bench and at the head of a reticent team eager not to drag into the division of the daisy, the legend of FC Nantes has just failed in its mission for the second consecutive year, each time hoping for a long time. Yet, although Lorient is not one of the biggest budgets in Ligue 2, the available group has arguments (with its croquettes Hamel, Claude-Maurice, Meslier or Ponceau and the boys who have the bottle for Lemoine, Cabot, The Goff o Saad). As in 2017-2018, Ronaldinho's nightmare did not know much about the elements he had in his hands, and finds himself, after two years on the orange bench, with few companies to his credit and a paw that struggles to stand out. This Friday, Captain Vincent Le Goff spoke openly "shame" .
secondwest of France, a new disillusionment marks the end of the collaboration between the young coach and the Loïc Féry club. At the end of what has become the last game of the season, the person has left nothing to appear, just like its president. "It has been a difficult week for us, said the coach. It's a big disappointment. We have not achieved the goals we have set ourselves. I don't think it's happening tonight. The disappointments, we had the strongest, this end of the season especially where we were not regular. I knew that this League 2 was difficult, that the project was not so simple. C is consistent, but it's not enough in terms of result. Of course, my responsibility is committed, it is logical that I am at the forefront, this is work. My future? This is not the time for. In the coming days we will talk to the president."

By Jérémie Baron
From BeIN SPORTS and Canal Plus

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