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YOGYAKARTA – Another landslide occurred on Jalan Jogja Wonosari this time to be precise at KM 16 in the hamlet of the play, Srimulyo Papanewon Piyungan Village or a few hundred meters from the location of the previous landslide. As a result of the landslide, the Jogja-Wonosari road was completely closed.

Head of Piyungan Police Traffic Unit, Iptu Giyarto said the landslide occurred at around 17.00 WIB. The cliff on the left side of the road (towards Jogja-Wonosari) experienced an avalanche. The landslide closed half of the Jogja-Womosari road.

“Heavy rains did trigger avalanches,” he said, Friday (25/11/2022) evening

Initially, vehicle users were still allowed to pass following the previous open-close system that had been implemented at the 17 km landslide site. However, because the avalanche turned out to be dangerous, it was finally decided to close the Jogja-Wonosari road completely.

Giyarto said that after checking it turned out that at the top of the cliff that had collapsed there was a large tree that had collapsed and was in danger of falling down. If left unchecked, it will endanger Jogja-Wonosari road users.

“That’s why we decided to close the Jogja-Wonosari road completely,” he said.

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Giyarto added, road users from Wonosari were not allowed to go down that road. Meanwhile, from the direction of Jogja, they had to turn through an alternative route, namely via the Srimartani Lightning up Ngoro-oro then Nglanggeran.

He appealed to road users to be more careful crossing the alternative route because the conditions are quite steep and the roads are narrow. Moreover, street lighting is still minimal let alone the rain is still going on.

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