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[New Tang Dynasty News from August 1, 2021, Beijing time]In the early morning of August 1,Head Coach of Chinese Women’s Volleyball TeamLang PingComments on the women’s volleyball team missed the top eight in the Tokyo Olympics. Lang Ping choked up in tears for a while, saying that he did not play well, and did not expect to be out so early, for which she should bear the main responsibility. She admitted that she was too tired and should take a rest.

On the evening of July 31st, Tokyo time, the Chinese women’s volleyball team defeated the Italian team 3-0, but it has been determined that they missed the top 8 list. After the game,Lang PingCame to the mixed interview area to accept questions from reporters. It was already in the early morning of August 1.

A reporter asked Lang Ping, what are his plans after the Olympic Games? She asked back: “What do you think?”

The three-game losing streak of the Chinese women’s volleyball team set a record for the worst Olympic games. According to the practice of the Chinese Communist Party system, Lang Ping has a high probability of resigning as the head coach.

Lang Ping bluntly said that he actually worked very hard because he loves this career, “but I am really tired, and I should rest.”

Another reporter asked Lang Ping: Is it possible that you will come back after you rest?

Lang Ping said, “I can’t answer you about this.”

She apologized to the Chinese fans in front of the camera, “Thank the fans all over the country, and say sorry. I really didn’t play well. The fans have expectations of us. As a coach, I didn’t do a good job.”

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She choked to tears for a while, “I didn’t expect to be out so early, nor did I expect this accident, and it was an unprecedented mistake.” “As a head coach, I have to take the main responsibility.”

For this Olympics, why did the women’s volleyball team suddenly fall short of the standard, leading to a disastrous defeat? Lang Ping said that before the Olympics, the outside world had too much expectations for the women’s volleyball team.

She also talked about the repeated injuries of Zhu Ting, the main scoring leader of the women’s volleyball team, which also affected the record. Lang Ping said that we have too many habits, “Zhu Ting wants a final word.” When Zhu Ting’s hit rate dropped, we didn’t have a good balance.

In the current Tokyo Olympics, in the first three group matches, the Chinese women’s volleyball team defeated the Turkish team and the US team 0:3. In the match against the Russian women’s volleyball team, the Chinese women’s volleyball team made a serious mistake while leading the score, and was overtaken by the Russian women’s volleyball team, losing 2:3.

On July 31, with the Russian women’s volleyball team defeating the United States 3-0, Turkey also defeated Argentina 3-0. The Chinese women’s volleyball team, which had lost three games in a row, was out of the game before it faced Italy and missed the top 8 competition. Because Turkey’s game points advantage ranks ahead of the Chinese team.

Lang Ping shed tears after the game and frankly said that he wanted to take a rest, which triggered heated discussions among mainland netizens. Many Weibo netizens left a message saying: “I feel that Director Lang is gone, let alone, but I feel that she is really tired.” “Don’t want to retire?” “Director Lang is really tired, but I don’t want her to retire. No one will lead the team better than her (at least for now).”

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Lang Ping was born in Tianjin on December 10, 1960. He was originally a Chinese women’s volleyball player. With her strong and precise smash, he won the title of “Iron Head”. Hayman, Cuban star Mireya. Louis was also known as the “three main attackers” of the world women’s volleyball team in the 1980s.

In 1995, Lang Ping was hired asHead Coach of Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team, Led the team out of the historical trough, successively won the Atlanta Olympic Games silver medal and the 13th World Women’s Volleyball Championship runner-up; in 1997 was named the best women’s volleyball coach of the year by the International Volleyball Federation; and resigned in 1998.

On April 25, 2013, Lang Ping took over as Yu Juemin and once again served as the head coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team; on October 12, 2014, he led the Chinese women’s volleyball team to win the silver medal in the World Volleyball Championship in Italy.

On September 6, 2015, the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the 12th World Cup with a score of 10 wins and 1 loss, and won the world championship again after 11 years. This is also the first world championship that Yin Ping has won as a head coach.

On August 21, 2016, at the Rio Olympics in Brazil, Lang Ping led the Chinese women’s volleyball team to defeat the Serbian team and win the Olympic championship.

Lang Ping became the first person in the world to win the Olympic women’s volleyball gold medal as an athlete and coach respectively.

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In August 2018, Lang Ping led the Chinese women’s volleyball team to regain the gold medal in the Asian Games. In the same year, he led the Chinese women’s volleyball team to win the third place in the 2018 World Women’s Volleyball Championship.

In 2019, Lang Ping led the Chinese women’s volleyball team to participate in the 2019 World Cup women’s volleyball match, setting a record of 11 games and winning the World Cup again. This is also the third three championship after she returned to coach in 2013.

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